Finding happiness in Sachi, the best Japanese restaurant in town

If you’re craving for authentic Japanese cuisine, you don’t have to go far - you can find it in SACHI, the best Japanese restaurant in town!

Located at the Araneta Coliseum Circle, Sachi (which means happiness and good luck) serves the best-tasting Japanese dishes made with the freshest ingredients. True to its name, Sachi makes every guest jump with joy with every bite of their mouth-watering cuisine, served in big portions and available at reasonable prices.
Whether you’re going out with your special someone or celebrating your team’s victory, Sachi will surely satisfy your cravings and match the festive mood with their authentic Japanese food. For as low as P600, couples can enjoy a sushi-filled date!

Sachi also accepts reservation for functions and events.

Aside from their signature Japanese dishes, Sachi also serves Singaporean food from its sister restaurant Rasa.

Here are the dishes you must not miss on your visit to Sachi:

1. Sushi and sashimi platter. Indulge in tamago, kani, ebi, ika, maguro, shiake uni – name it, they have it fresh and raw! To guarantee that Sachi serves quality food every single day, they get their seafood straight from Farmers Market, the undisputed benchmark and source for fresh seafood in the metro.

2. Maki. It’s satisfaction guaranteed once you try their best-selling Volcano Roll (Left) and California Maki (Right).

3. Tempura. Fresh and crispy, Sachi has the best tempura in town. Their secret sauce also brings out the flavor with every bite.

4. Ramen. Warm up with Sachi’s flavorful seafood and pork ramen.

5. Kobe beef. It’s the best beef you can ever eat! You surely wouldn’t mind splurging on this!

6. Toro. Highly sought after in the world of sashimi, this fatty tuna melts in your mouth!

And if you want a taste of Rasa’s favorite dishes, try the following:

1. Crispy Squid. Sweet and spicy crispy squid that serves as an excellent appetizer.

2. Singapore Chili Crab. Giant crabs stir fried and braised with chili crab sauce.

3. Hainanese chicken. World famous authentic poached white chicken best paired with Rasa’s home-made sauce.

4. Beef kwey teow. This best-selling flat noodle with egg and barbecue slices goes well with other classic Singaporean cuisine in their menu.

5. Laksa. Want some spice? Then go for this rice noodle spicy coconut gravy with prawns and fish balls.

*Sachi has been serving the best Japanese cuisine in town since September 2003. You may visit them at the Araneta Coliseum Cirle. For reservation or inquiries, please call 911-1806. They also offer free delivery within the Araneta Center.


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