Taste, Treats, and Traditions

Christmas is home at the Araneta Center!

Just last week, the beloved Christmas on Display (better known as COD) was unveiled at the Times Square Food Park. Every run of COD’s show never fails to amuse audiences – those who were big fans of the old display, and the younger generation who gets to see the latest installation for the first time. 

Aside from COD, Araneta Center’s iconic Giant Christmas Tree can also be found at the Times Square Food Park. This year, kid-friendly rides reminiscent of the defunct Fiesta Carnival are the latest addition to the area’s main attractions.

Indeed, the Times Square Food Park is a place where old and new Yuletide traditions meet. Whether you are visiting for the nostalgia it brings, or making new memories with your family or friends, there’s no lack of fun things to do that would make you stop and stay a while.  Add to that, there is a wide variety of mouth-watering food to choose from while you are strolling around the area.

Pinoy street food

If you are craving for street food but are wary of buying them from random vendors, worry no more! At the Times Square Food Park, you can find clean, hot, and crunchy street food (like kwek-kwek, isaw, barbecue, tawilis, and inihaw) sold at very affordable prices. These also come with flavorful sauces that bring out the taste of the street food with every bite.

Rice meals

For those who want to eat something heavy, Times Square Food Park has also got you covered.  One can find here fried, grilled, and other types of viand perfectly partnered with rice. To name some, they have sisig, salmon belly, dinuguan, silog meals, pares, and chicken wings – good food that will surely fill your stomach and leave you satisfied.

Christmas delicacies


Puto Bumbong

This Yuletide season will not be complete without the traditional Filipino delicacies puto bumbong and bibingka. Whether you’re planning to bring home some pasalubong or eat your bibingka on the spot, Times Square Food Park has a stall that serves these Pinoy favorites.


Strolling around the area could be a bit tiring. Quench your thirst with healthy fresh fruit drinks or soymilk.


Times Square Food Park also has cupcakes, kakanin, and ice cream for your sweet tooth. After all who doesn’t want a dessert after a good meal?

See you at this veritable Christmas village where lots of fun, and food, can be had!