Attracting Luck in the Year of the Metal Rat

Rustan's, Gateway Mall

It's the time of the year again for the highly-anticipated celebration of the Chinese New Year. For this year, we welcome the Year of the Metal Rat, which will run from January 25 this year until February 11 next year.

And though it's a new year, it's basically the same tradition for everyone: people look forward to a Chinese dragon and lion dances, eat tikoys and fortune cookies, and most especially, check out feng shui and other Chinese signs readings for anything lucky (or unlucky) on the year ahead.

Tikoys are available at Wellcome Supermarket, Farmers Plaza

The animal sign Rat is said to be a protector and bearer of the prosperity of the ancient Chinese. So feng shui readings all agree that this will be a good year for almost everyone.

Luck will not be the same for everyone, though. The animal signs Ox, Dragon, and Monkey are more compatible with the Rat, so people born under these signs will be luckier.

Meanwhile, the Horse and Rooster are said to be incompatible with the Rat, so people under these signs must take some precautions. They are advised not to display anything associated with the rat.

So how do we maximize the good luck, or avoid bad luck, brought by the Metal Rat?

Check out your compass and adjust house and office items. Lucky sectors are the South­east (Heavenly Wealth Star), West (Future Prosperity Star), Northwest (Money Star), Northeast (Victory Star), and Southwest (Romance Star). Meanwhile, unlucky sectors to avoid are South (Illness Star), East (Misfortune Star), and North (Quarrel Star).

To enhance luck or repel misfortune in these areas, try putting symbols like Prosperity Rat, Money Tree or Money Frog, and Arowana fish.

Charms available at Japan Home Centre, Farmers Plaza

White and blue are said to be good colors of the new Lunar year. White, especially, represents peace and cleanliness, and compliments with the metal element. Light white (or even blue) candles to relieve stress and avoid feeling burned out.

Candles available at Rustan's, Gateway Mall

For more guidance on how to get lucky this Year of the Metal Rat, check out feng shui master Hanz Chua as he delivers his Chinese New Year readings on January 25 in Ali Mall (2pm), New Farmers Plaza (3pm), and Gateway Mall (4pm).