Salute to Araneta City’s women frontliners during the COVID-19 crisis

In these trying times, Araneta City would like to thank the brave individuals who continue to dedicate their hearts and services for the safety of our community. 

There are too many heroes to mention. But in celebration of this year’s International Women’s Month, we would like to take this time to appreciate the courageous women who keep the City of Firsts safe during the COVID-19 crisis.

Among them are the numerous lady guards who continue to ensure the safety of our tenants, customers, and other frontliners out in the field. These ladies prove that when it comes to being tough in the call of duty, women are just as strong as the men.

Also with them are the valiant women of our sanitation teams. These women hold the line against the spread of the virus. Together with their male colleagues, they act as the shields of our community. With their help, all roads and establishments within Araneta City are regularly cleaned and sanitized. 

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Month is #EachforEqual, a call for equality among all genders. At a time when not everyone can sit comfortably in the safety of their homes, it is only fitting that we express our gratitude to these women who risk their safety so that we may continue with ours. 

They sacrifice the peace of mind in being home safe with their families. So to all of you, and to all other frontliners, we salute you!

In return for the unwavering service to the community, Araneta City has provided those who continuously work on site with benefits such as hazard pay, food, and temporary accommodation. To learn more about the steps the City of Firsts is taking in support of its employees, lessees, and community, please visit our official statement here.

As we continue to brace the threats of COVID-19, #TogetherWeHeal and united we can get through these challenges.