Good Food for Holy Week

Many of us look forward to Holy Week for a time of reflection and relaxation with our loved ones. Even though the lockdown has prevented us from celebrating it the way that we’re used to, we can still use this occasion to spend quality time with our family by sharing a hearty meal together.
Thankfully, there still are restaurants in Araneta City that are ready to bring us great tasting food this Holy Week either through delivery or take-out.
Here is a list of stores ready to satisfy your family’s cravings without breaking the bank, or your meatless diet!

Pepi Cubano

For families looking for an ethnic taste this Holy Week, Pepi Cubano’s Latin American dishes might just do the trick. Their vegetarian Pan de Vandura is perfect for those abstaining from meat as it contains a tasty combination of roasted eggplant, bell papers, zucchini, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese. Pair it off with their dessert Cholo Rollos and Cigarro Cubanos for a really special merienda with your family this Holy Week!
 Pan De Vandura

Pepi Cubano is already accepting orders through Grabfood and Foodpanda.

Army Navy

If you’re looking for a filling but guiltless meal, then look no further because Army Navy’s Vegetable Burrito is now available for delivery! We highly recommend that you get it with a side of their classic Freedom Fries and Libertea Iced Tea for the complete Army Navy experience.
Vegetable Burrito

Just give them a call through their hotline or order through Grabfood and Foodpanda for deliveries.

Gong Cha

Get your sweet fix with their best selling Wintermelon Milk, Milk Tea with Pearl Jelly, and House Special Milk Wintermelon drinks this Holy Week.
Wintermelon Milk Tea

Milk Tea aficionados need not despair because Gong Cha is now taking orders through Foodpanda, Lalamove, and Grabfood. 

Wing Zone (Take-Out Only)

Smokehouse Salad

Who would have thought that a place called Wing Zone would have their own delicious salads? Get a serving of their Smokehouse and Thai Samurai salad through Grabfood, Foodpanda, and Angkas! But if salads aren’t your thing, then you can always just grab a dozen of their award-winning wings for your filling of delicious crunchy, tangy, and spicy goodness.

Pizza Hut

If wings aren’t your thing, then why not go for a mouth-watering Italian feast? Get your fill of pasta, pizza, and of course cheesy stuffed crusts this Holy Week! There are even plenty of meatless (but not guiltless) choices here such as the Veggie Lovers Supreme and Cheezy Lava Mozza Crunch.
Veggie Supreme
Pizza Hut still offers delivery through hotline or Grabfood and Foodpanda.

Taco Bell

Cheese lovers will be glad to hear that Taco Bell’s Cheese Quesadilla and Cheesy Fiesta Potato sides are now up for grabs through Foodpanda and Grabfood this Holy Week! Get it together with their signature burritos and wraps for a fiesta of your own at home.

Paper Moon

Velvet Mousse Cake
Is your sweet tooth already itching? Spoil yourself a bit with Paper Moon’s decadent cakes and pastries available through Angkas Food, Foodpanda, and Grabfood. This is perfect for those planning a simple celebration with their loved ones this week.

Dairy Queen

Oreo Blizzard
If you’re already feeling the summer heat at home then what’s more perfect than an ice-cold Blizzard to cool yourself with this Holy Week? Top-off your celebratory meal with Dairy Queen’s soft-serve ice cream and Dilly Bar available through Grabfood and Foodpanda now.

Aside from food, Araneta City is offering a lot of online activities that you and your family can enjoy this Holy Week. Just visit the Araneta City Facebook page to find out more about the online Visita Iglesia, Virtual Lenten Art Tour, and online masses lined up for this special celebration.