Yakap Sining: An Online Art Exhibit at Araneta City

For four consecutive years, Araneta City has joined the international community in observing World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) through the lighting up blue of the Smart Araneta Coliseum. For this year’s celebration, Araneta City has partnered with Autism Hearts Philippines for an online exhibit of some of the artworks from their “Yakap Sining” showcase.

Autism Hearts' “Yakap Sining” is an event that aims to celebrate the artistic talents of children with autism through an art exhibit and a fashion show of their beautiful creations scheduled to be held in New York and San Francisco.

Lucky for us, Autism Hearts Philippines gave us the opportunity to find out more about these talented children to commemorate World Autism Awareness Day. 

Ian Jones Almazan, 16, Baguio
Ian is a very diligent and patient student when it comes to doing detailed work. A fact that shows in his wonderful renderings of the female figure, flowers, and wildlife. He paints meticulously and over the course of a year with Autism Hearts, Ian’s painting skills have improved greatly. 

Junro Aborka, 25, Aklan
As a child, Junro has always been fascinated with the beauty that surrounds him. He would go on to channel that fascination and creativity into various art forms such as music and painting. 

Jed Atazar, 18, Aklan
Jed is the eldest among three boys and is currently studying at Kalibo Integrated Special Education. His favorite subjects in painting are nature and houses. Over time, he has developed his artistic talent and interpersonal skills with the help of Autism Hearts Philippines.

Calvin Galang, 14, Aklan

Calvin is an imaginative young man who discovered his love for painting through art therapy. He dreams of one day becoming an animator and prepares for his dream by regularly sketching anime while also reading up on myths and legends.

Erlou Pabiona, 17, Aklan
Erlou is a Grade 7 student at Kalibo Integrated Special Education Center in Aklan. Erlou’s every stroke and dash of color represents the innocence, simplicity, and soulfulness that he has shown during his time with Autism Hearts Philippines. From random scribbles to a vibrant mixture of colors, he tells great stories of his lifetime.

Lore Recampo, 13, Aklan
Lore Winfred is a very sweet boy with a lot of passion for the arts. What he cannot put into words, he expresses in multiple forms of art such as singing and painting landscapes or animals with vibrant colors. Art has definitely proven to be an important learning outlet for Lore.

To find out more about similar initiatives, or to help support autism awareness, visit Autism Hearts Foundation's Facebook page and website.