Mother’s Day gift and activity ideas in the time of COVID

As we continue to face the threats of COVID-19, many of us would have to cancel our usual Mother’s Day celebration – may it be a get-together, outdoor dining, party, or any other event – to ensure our family’s protection.

But Mother’s Day is an event worth celebrating, no matter what the conditions are. After all, it’s a day of thanksgiving to the person who gave us life and filled us with love all our lives.

Here are some heart-filled treats and activities that will make Mother’s Day memorable for the special HERoes of our lives despite the health crisis.

1. Tap on her sweet tooth

Baking with your mom is a great bonding time, especially now that you have a lot of time together at home. You could create personal cakes and pastries together that can sweeten up Mother’s Day. You could even surprise her by putting some personal message on top.

It’s okay if you don’t have the expertise or instruments to bake. You can easily pre-order a cake from any of the open bakeshops at Araneta City.

2. Go green (or even colorful)

Mothers are naturally nurturing and caring. It’s best to nurture time with her by joining her plant in your backyard or porch. Apart from giving your homes an aura of peace and fulfillment through planting, the experience is definitely a memorable triumph for you and your mom.

If planting or cultivating a plant isn’t a possible option, then simply surprise her with a bouquet of her favorite flowers! Tenants in Farmers Garden Araneta City would be available for online purchases and deliveries!

Click here for more details.

3. Share hobbies together

With a lot of time available with your mother, be sure to share some hobbies together. If she is not fond of your personal hobbies, take this opportunity to get to know hers. Enjoy her hobbies like it’s your interest, and show your appreciation in doing an activity with her.

It is not too late to discover new things together and to build something that both of you can be proud of even after this health crisis. After all, it would always be great to know your Mom deeper.

4. Cook for her

Since outdoor dining is not an option at this time, just stay in your own kitchen. Cooking is a fun hobby to share with your mom. But this time, be in control of the cooking. Man up and put on the apron.

Surprise her with a hearty and sumptuous meal specially and personally prepared for her. Your own version of her favorite food will surely give her a big smile. And if you don’t know how to cook, simply search the Internet on how to prepare your Mother’s favorite dish.  

5. Express your love through arts

Jumpstart your artistic side by making a handcrafted gift for her. This could be a personalized photo album of your selfies and memories together, a personalized hanky or towel, or any kind of artwork that professes your gratitude to your mom. Just check online for some art ideas.

Who said love letters are outdated? Handwritten letters are among the most genuine and authentic way of expressing your love. So find that perfect paper to write your letter on. Pour out all your love and gratitude to her. She will definitely hold into that handwritten love letter for the rest of her life!

6. Connect with her

If by some unfortunate circumstance you have been quarantined away from your parents, there’s the Internet to help you reach out to your mom. Connect with her this Mother’s Day through any social media or messaging app, or why not just give her a call.

No matter how far you are from each other, you can still cook for her or write her a love letter. Take a photo of your beloved gift and send it to her. Don’t make her feel alone or neglected especially in her own day.

If she is not technologically savvy, then this is the right time to give her a lesson on social media. That’ll give you an instant bonding time together.

7. Learn new things together

Take some time off from physical activities to watch some informative videos online. For one, you and your mom can catch Araneta City’s free 4-part #HeroesInTheCity workshops on Facebook and take part in interesting discussions with our invited experts.

On Saturday, May 9, Araneta City teams up with esteemed physicians as they provide useful advice on nutrition and health (2pm) and skin maintenance (5pm). And on Sunday, May 10,  watch an online cooking show in partnership with Clara Ole (3pm) and get some practical insights from Mompreneur celebrity LJ Moreno (5pm).

You may even get lucky and win free grocery packs via our online raffle! Simply watch the Facebook video workshops, and tag 3 friends in the comment section who are moms to be part of the raffle. Follow Araneta City on Facebook to catch other exciting promos and games lined up for Mother’s Day.