STORE SPOTLIGHT: Erin’s Artists’ Lounge and Cafe

This melting pot of art and cuisine in the corridor of Ali Mall’s Ali X paints the tables with the most exciting yet affordable fusion of dishes, and the most artistic dining experience in the City.

Erin’s Artists’ Lounge and Café is a family-owned joint that started its first branch here in the City of First in 2018. The owners have been in the food business for more than a decade now, starting with brick oven cooked pizza as their first menu, until they have decided to strike the tables with their homemade localized Italian-Mexican dishes.

The restaurant is named after the owners' daughter Erin, who is planning to study Architecture in college and take over her father’s construction business. Her mother hopes that one day her daughter’s ingenuity will continue their family’s recipes.

The restaurant’s menu contains hand-down ingredients and recipes from their grandmother with roots from Iloilo and Ilocos. This menu is fused with Erin’s mother’s own dishes that they want the world to taste. Dishes have been intrinsically thought of and critiqued by family members before rendering them into fruition.

This exquisite food hub in Ali Mall is no stranger to Filipino dining culture. With a menu born from generational cooking, servings of Erin’s delicacies are enjoyed like a feast. After all we Filipinos like to eat together and enjoy food with each other. Their prices are also reasonable and affordable.

Erin’s also serve catered foods for special occasions. These servings are cooked straight from their commissary and are assured to be the best tasting cuisine for any kind of celebration.

Erin’s Artists’ Lounge and Café is not only a restaurant but also home to artists and collectors. Before the pandemic, Erin’s Artist Lounge and Café used to hold a number of art sessions, photography classes and color workshops. Whilst intuitive creativity is expressed in canvasses Erin’s ingenuity in taste satisfaction is drizzled in wares.

The restaurant really serves those with a keen sense of taste and sight. This joint is a haven for the visual and for the gastronome. After all, most of their customers are collectors, hobbyists, and adventurers who frequent Ali Mall’s Ali X.

Given the pandemic, owners of Erin’s know the struggle of each Filipinos affected by the pandemic. Since the quarantine has started, they have initiated to provide coffee and bread to policemen and volunteers working every night to keep their community safe. For them, this is their small way of showing gratitude to the frontliners.

Erin’s Artists’ Lounge and Café is located at the upper ground floor of Ali Mall within the Ali X wing. You can also follow and message their Facebook page. Delivery orders can be made via Food Panda or via Araneta City Assist.