Jewels has been in the fashion retailing business since 2000, dressing up Filipinos with fashionable and trendy looks. Now as safety becomes the trend, they take up the challenge to suit everyone with intricate shields.

Jewels first opened in San Juan two decades ago with a clothing line that piqued the interest of artsy and adventurous fashion hungry youth. Business boomed with an immediate success prompting the owners to reach more customers. They branch out in a number of malls in the metro, including Ali Mall in Araneta City.

They started with a kiosk in Ali Mall but with bustling energy from a young market in Araneta City they were pushed to open their own shop to cater to the huge demand. This feat is followed by opening another branch in Farmers Plaza in 2006 with a bigger space that includes a dressing room and a runway.

Business owners saw the growth of both branches in Ali Mall and Farmers as more students, young workforce, and families go in and out of Araneta City. Since then they’ve strengthened their eagerness to provide style and fashion to patrons.

But Jewels is not immune to economic setbacks, especially with the ongoing health crisis. They admitted that all of their branches felt a sudden decline in customer’s excitement. Yet this has not stopped the brand to move forward in its goal.

Now as safety becomes the trend, Jewels ensures that all of their stores are sanitized daily, racks and hangers are constantly sterilized, cleanliness of the clothes are maintained, staff in each branch are limited to only two with rotating schedules.

They’ve also added new apparel in their trestles to secure protection to customers. Cloth masks, 3ply Washable Face Masks, and hat face shields are available in Farmers Plaza and Ali Mall.

Prices of selected clothes and dresses are marked dow
n to help customers avail of their apparel necessities.  There are also clothes for plus size men and women that are affordable yet stylish. This selection can help upgrade the wardrobe of those who gained weight this quarantine. With a tight budget, Jewel’s prices for plus-size customers are comparatively reasonable than those in larger department stores.

Visit Jewels store in Level 2, Farmers Plaza and Upper Ground Floor, Ali Mall, Araneta City.


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