Baking for more than a decade now, Salazar Bakery in Farmers Plaza serves affordable yet sumptuous pastries to commuters and shoppers in Araneta City.

Salazar Bakery is owned by a Filipino-Chinese family known for its famous hopia in Ongpin St., Binondo, Manila. One may think “Salazar” is the owner’s family name; it is actually the place where the family first opened its bakeshop in 1947 – Salazar St. in Binondo – before transferring to Ongpin.

In 2006, the family saw the opportunity to bring their hopia (and other pastries) closer to more people by branching out in the bustling transport and business hub of what is now known as Araneta City. Since then, commuters getting in and out of the MRT-3 station get to taste the family's classic pastry.

Salazar Bakery is accessible via the Skyway in Farmers Plaza to and from Arayat St., and via the stairs going down from the north exit of MRT-3 station. This accessibility allows on-the-go customers to have a hold of a hearty snack even with a tight budget.

One can buy a pack the bakeshop's classic hopia for a low as Php 48, and can even choose from a variety of flavors. 

Aside from hopia, the bakeshop also serves a number of pastry selections, with prices that range from Php 25 to Php 80.

One can even avail buy 1-take-1 promo on some products.

Salazar Bakeshop bakes its everyday produce fresh from its huge ovens in Binondo, then delivers to different branches in Metro Manila (including its Araneta City branch). With the ongoing health crisis, the bakeshop owners doubled their efforts to remain open and provide affordable food to the public, to sanitize the bakeshop, and to ensure the well-being of their employees and customers.

Cashiers are protected with clear plastic for better customer transactions, and counters are equipped with alcohol and sanitary gels. Stores are sanitized day and night, shelves are disinfected hourly, baking tools and equipment are sterilized after use, and waste management are heightened.

Lerma Almosera, a storekeeper in Salazar Bakery's Farmer’s Plaza branch, said her employers are austere but generous when it comes to hardwork and brood. In her two decades of working with the bakeshop, she has never felt indifferent from the owners. 

With its humble origins, it’s no wonder why many mall shoppers and train commuters drop by Salazar Bakery to get a taste of home in every bite of its pastries

Visit Salazar Bakery at Level 2 of Famers Plaza, Araneta City.