Maximize relaxation time with these Araneta City items

It goes without saying that the past few months have been incredibly difficult for everyone. Anxiety brought about by the pandemic, the difficulty of balancing work and family-life at home, or just the general uncertainty of the future has brought about a very stressful day-to-day experience for all of us.

One can easily get overwhelmed by everything that is going on, which is why it is even more important for us to take a few well-deserved moments of rest. Today is a perfect excuse to do so because we are celebrating World Relaxation Day!

To help you unwind, we have gathered a list of products from the City of Firsts to help you stop, relax, and de-stress.

Discounted items from Watsons (Gateway Mall)

Watsons is the go-to place for your everyday pampering needs. With items like face masks, perfumes, lotions, healing clays, and so much more occupying their shelves it’s no wonder that their brand has become synonymous with rest and relaxation

Prepare for a weekend of self-care by restocking on your beauty essentials without breaking the bank because select items at Watsons are on sale this week!

Enjoy shampoos, lotions, body wash, and all sorts of other goodies at 50% off or with a generous buy 1 take 1 deal.

Their best-selling Indian Healing Clay is also available for that long-awaited night of rest and rejuvenation. Enjoy deep pore cleansing with Aztec Secret for a great deal of only Php 529 per container.

Relaxing or not, the regular washing of hands must be observed wherever we are. Thankfully, we can get two of Watson’s scented hand wash all for the price of one with their Php 179 buy 1 take 1 promo. Now you can feel safer and more fragrant at your home or at your office!

Massage Sticks from Latt Liv (Ali Mall)

With Metro Manila still under quarantine restrictions, it may still be a while before we get to visit our favorite massage parlors for that much-needed spa day. Though we can always take matters into our own hands (quite literally) with Latt Liv’s Massage Sticks.

These adorable handheld poles allow you to gently apply pressure to your body for a massage-like sensation whenever and wherever you want. Their unique bear-claw design is said to promote blood circulation and metabolism for a one of a kind pampering experience.

Musical Instruments from Lazer Music (Ali Mall)

Self-care isn’t limited to taking care of the body as it can also mean having a healthy outlet to release our stress. Some have chosen to use this time to learn how to plant, cook, and do all sorts of fun indoor activities. Now if you have the passion then why not try learning an instrument to unwind?

For those interested in starting (or refining) their skills in music, then Lazer Music located at Ali Mall is open to cater to your needs. Their stores offer a wide selection of musical instrument for both starting and seasoned musicians.

Their store contains a varied assortment of acoustic and electric guitars. Given the different styles and price points of each, there’s bound to be one perfect for your personality and your budget.

If you want something a little bit louder than a guitar then why not visit their drum kit collection? Speakers, bass drums, cymbals, you name it – they’ve got it! Just make sure to give your family and neighbors a head’s up before buying this.

If guitars and drums aren’t your thing, then just it’s quite hard to go wrong with an electric keyboard. Portable, diverse, and adjustable sound settings may just be your saving grace to a boring quarantine day.

These are just some of the items that you can get at Araneta City to help you relax and de-stress at home. A variety of other goodies await you from plants at Farmers Garden, hearty meals from Farmers Market, and even the latest fashion trends at Gateway Mall. You can be sure to find something to pamper yourself with at the City of Firsts.