Common Misconceptions on Breast Cancer


Araneta City joins the international community in celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. Through this annual event, countries across the world seek to inform and educate people regarding this disease which continues to affect millions of people globally.

Despite the widespread nature of this disease, there remains a lot of commonly believed misconceptions about it. To help you better understand Breast Cancer, we have compiled a list of these misconceptions so that you may better lookout for yourself and your loved ones.

Myth: Breast Cancer is Hereditary

There is a common belief that you will not get breast cancer if your family has no history of the disease. While it is true that some cancers are caused by a change in certain genes that are passed on from parents, those only account for a small number of breast cancer patients. The truth is, that a lot of those diagnosed with breast cancer have no known family history of the disease.

Breast cancer is caused due to a combination of factors including age, diet, and physical health, so family history is not the only basis in determining one’s susceptibility to the disease. It is best to seek the advice of health professionals together with regular check-ups to be certain.  

Myth: Consuming Sugar Causes Breast Cancer

Despite the myth that “Sugar feeds cancer”, sugar itself does not actually contribute to the growth of cancer cells, but rather it is an unhealthy diet that does. According to the American Cancer Society, eating too much unhealthy food may lead to obesity, which in turn increases the chance of cancer cells developing.

Consuming too much sugary food such as desserts or soft drinks does however contribute to an unhealthy diet, so there is some truth in the saying. What is important is to maintain a well-balanced diet to combat unhealthy weight gain.

Myth: Only Women can get Breast Cancer

While Breast Cancer is more common in women, that does not mean that men do not develop the disease. In the US, 1 in every 100 breast cancers diagnosed are male patients.

No matter the sexuality, the treatment for breast cancer is the same as it still widely depends on the size of the tumor and how wide it has spread. Some symptoms men should look out for are lumps or swelling of the breast, redness in the skin of the breast, and irritation of the breast skin.

Myth: Breast Cancer only Happen to the Elderly

Though risk for breast cancer increases with age, it is still possible for people under 40 to develop the disease. This may be a result of a multitude of reasons including genetic mutations, obesity, and over consumption of alcohol.

Diagnosing breast cancer on younger women is often more difficult due to their denser breast tissue as compared to older women. They advise younger women to be on the lookout for symptoms of the disease such as lumps, nipple discharge, focal pains, and skin changes


Continuous education about this disease is needed so that we may overcome the stigma that comes with this disease as well become better equipped to support those afflicted with it.

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