Gia Sison: Doctor, Breast Cancer Survivor


Gia Sison: Doctor, Breast Cancer Survivor

Araneta City joins the international community in celebrating the Breast Cancer Awareness Month to raise attention for the early detection, treatment, and research of this disease.

Through this event, countries across the world seek to support the many women who have been afflicted by breast cancer around the globe. One such woman is Dr. Gia Sison, an active social media influencer and head of the non-profit organization Livestrong Foundation.

Dr. Sison specializes in Occupational Medicine. In 2013, she discovered a lump on her left breast that bore the “fixed, indefinite shape, and big” characteristics of breast cancer. Her fears were confirmed when she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer months after.

The diagnosis made her realize the importance of early detection of cancer: the earlier the disease is detected, the less challenging it would be to treat.

Her treatment eventually led her to undergo six chemotherapy cycles. During this challenging time, Dr. Sison took solace in the small victories that she would experience such as having an appetite after a treatment or not vomiting after chemotherapy. For her, it is important to be thankful for these little milestones, which also serves as a reminder to keep going. Thankfully, she made a full recovery before the end of 2013.

She acknowledges the role that faith and family played in her recovery. Aside from believing that the cancer can be beaten, it is vital to have a support system during this difficult time. In fact, Dr. Sison is also part of numerous organizations that aim to provide support for other women experiencing the trials she went through. One such organization is the I Can Serve Foundation, an advocacy group that organizes early breast cancer detection programs in local communities. 

Her piece of advice to other breast cancer patients: “keep going and know that cancer is just a word and not a sentence to life.

To learn more about breast cancer, visit the official Araneta City Facebook page and participate in the ongoing events that seek to raise awareness for this disease.