Lanzones Festival Within Reach


Farmers Market at Araneta City helps you get a taste of the festival in this “new normal” setup

Did you know that Camiguin province celebrates Lanzones Festival every third week of October? It is a grand festivity filled with colorful street dances, crowding tourists from all parts of the country and of the world, and an abundance of the province’s highly-celebrated fruit.  

But because of the restrictions in mass gatherings brought by the current pandemic, no local and international tourists are allowed to set foot on their beautiful Island this year. All festival activities this year are made virtual through Camiguin’s social media outlets.

While there is no opportunity to try out Camiguin’s freshly-picked lanzones in this year’s festival, the City of Firsts got you covered! Farmers Market in Araneta City overflows with freshly-delivered lanzones from Camiguin (and even from Davao City and Bangkok), with prices ranging from Php 100-200 per kilo. 

Lanzones is a rare fruit found only in tropical countries like the Philippines. It is considered rare, as countries like the US still needs to import this humble fruit from us.  

Aside from its rarity, lanzones is packed with nutrients that can help our body get stronger and healthier. It is rich in fiber that helps ease our digestive and cardiovascular systems. It has lots of antioxidants called polyphenol that helps slow our aging process and help illnesses like diabetes and various types of cancer. 

It is also rich in Vitamin B3 that helps get rid of bad cholesterol and decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease, Vitamin B2 that helps improve the nervous system and ease headaches, and Vitamin A that is good for the skin and eyes. 

Visit Farmers Market now to buy your fresh lanzones, or use the Araneta City Assist online service to shop your fresh produce from the safety of your homes. Enjoy the fruit while watching the full Lanzones Festival experience online at 

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