Are you craving for succulent and scrumptious goodness of seafood? With the travel restrictions in effect, it might be long before we can satisfy that craving and even your yearning to once again feel the breeze of the ocean.

Wait, there is an abundant selection of seafood in Farmers Market in Araneta City, the metro’s largest and cleanest wet market, that can surely satisfy that hunger! Inside the Farmers Market, thrives the Dampa Seafood Paluto wherein we found one of its stores overflowing with mouthwatering seafood dishes, the Sis Seafood Palutuan.

Don’t get us wrong, all tenants in Dampa can make you writhing in flavorful shrimps and crabs but for this article, we are highlighting Sis.

The Sis Palutuan first opened in the culinary district of Ortigas in 2005 catering to suits and ties until it closed sometime later due to a renovation by the landowners. Sis branched out in Araneta City in 2017 opening to more diverse palates and within reach to an abundant source of ingredients.

Kuya Mike, their chef, has been with Sis since 2005 and been making seafood dishes ever since. So there is a certified mastery in his culinary skill to cook your seafood. What’s more appetizing is that you can request for a special style with your dish.

Our all-time favorite with Sis is the Buttered Garlic Shrimp. Your appetite will be filled just with the aroma of butter and garlic fused together with the richness of prawns.

But if you are not down with this style of shrimp, then we suggest that you go for their Shrimp Thermidor. Now if you’re familiar with Thermidor, which is usually applied to lobsters, the bigger cousins of shrimps, Sis has perfected the Thermidor on shrimps. Imagine a creamy mixture of cooked shrimp meat, cheese, milk, onion, butter, and potatoes stuffed into a shrimp shell. Chow!

Another crustacean on the menu is crab. Kuya Mike can cook it so many different ways that you can take the whole day choosing. You can opt for steamed crab, or flavor it with Buttered Garlic, Buttered Spicy, Chili Garlic, Chili Sauce, Crispy Chili, Salt and Pepper, Salted Egg, or in a special oyster sauce. You can also ask to deep fry it or ginataan.

The seafood dishes that you can ask Sis to cook are exploding with variety. And with Christmas fast approaching you can spice-up your tables with a different taste of seafood extravaganza from Sis Seafood Palutuan.

Opt to drop-by and dine-in with Sis Seafood Palutuan in Dampa with the assurance of safety as Farmers Market strictly implements social distancing measures in all its premises. Dampa’s dining hall and kitchens are regularly sanitized and cleaned. Merchants, staff, and servers are required to always wear face masks and face shields. Regular waste disposal and waste management are intensified. Roving security personnel are also deployed. 

You can also order for deliveries via their telephone number: (3) 437 0112, mobile number: 0977 285 9608/ 0915 492 4226 or online via the Araneta City Personal Shopper.