Araneta City kicks off holiday shopping season

Avail of the City of Firsts' early Christmas deals for a more convenient shopping experience.

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for Filipino shoppers. This is the only time when they are willing to splurge when it comes to buying gifts, fueled by bonuses and a desire to give the best gift to that special someone.

Knowing this, Araneta City is providing customers with options for convenient and cost-efficient Christmas shopping.

Araneta City joins the 11.11 craze with an all-out sale on November 11. This is the perfect opportunity for bargain hunters to score great deals and take advantage of special offers as they shop for gifts for the special people in their life—or as a treat to themselves.

Shoppers can spruce up their wardrobe with some brand-new clothes and shoes. Technophiles can get the latest gadgets to match their on-the-go work and play lifestyles. Those who haven't started decorating their homes for the holidays yet can now deck their halls with a new set of lights and ornaments.

The sale covers an expansive number of stores across Araneta City. Discounted items will be posted on Araneta City’s official Facebook page so that shoppers won’t have to worry about missing the best finds.

To make the bargain hunting more convenient and worry-free, Araneta City made sure that the sale can be enjoyed not just by those who shop on site, but also online through Araneta City Assist, Araneta City’s very own remote shipping and delivery service.

The City of Firsts also launches a new and innovative offer that will streamline the whole holiday shopping experience for customers. Meet “Ask Araneta: Regalo,” Araneta City’s first-ever virtual gift finder, designed to assist shoppers in finding the best gifts for their loved ones this holiday season.

This service is available for items sold in retail establishments at the Gateway Mall. Customers are each assigned their own virtual finder, and communication is done via chat. They can ask for gift recommendations, and the virtual finder will reply with a catalogue listing down a number of items matching their query. They can also ask the virtual finder to send pictures of the recommended gifts, and visit a given retail store to ask for more details about the shortlisted items, among other requests.

Ask Araneta: Regalo can make holiday shopping more convenient by giving options for gift items based on a set of criteria, such as item type, age and gender of the recipient, and price range. Through this offer, customers won’t have to worry about traversing the dreadful holiday traffic or wasting their time standing in line as they pay for their purchases.

“We want to empower our customers to be able to do their gift shopping without going through the usual pain points of the holiday rush, and get the best deals at the same time,” said Marjorie Go, AVP for Marketing. “These are just among the many offers that Araneta City has prepared for customers to help make their holiday celebrations more fulfilling, and we’re very excited to reveal more in the coming days.”


For other needs like Christmas lights or ornaments, there’s still the Parolan Christmas bazaar until December. And, customers must watch out for the pop-up mall bazaars for more shopping choices.

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