How to make a creative robot costume

Robots invaded Araneta City on its first-ever virtual Halloween party! In case you missed it, the highlight of the afternoon was an online costume contest where the participants showcased their wonderful robot costumes made of household items.

The City of Firsts has chosen 3 winners out of all the participants. Featured here are two winning entries, with their creators sharing the creative process in making their winning costumes. Get inspirations from these stories for your own costume -- whether for the next Halloween party or for any other event!

Art from Boxes and Boards

The Collado family is no stranger to Araneta City Halloween events, having participated in five of these celebrations already. This year proved a special one, however, because they were able to nag the 2nd runner-up spot through the creative use of box and boards for their robotic masterpiece. 

Their simple yet dazzling costume was made of ordinary items such as multi-purpose boards, boxes, cartolina, bond paper, sticky tape, and glue. These materials were then combined to create a detailed, yet humorous, design of a mustached humanoid robot grinning at the audience. Shaemus Collado, the wearer of the costume, moved around in a teal lighted room which gives the costume an even more futuristic feel.

Mrs. Collado, the artist behind this costume, states that making art out of box and boards has been her hobby ever since she was in high school. It is a skill that she was able to hone through the Internet where she got inspiration and new ideas.

This creative use of readily available items surely made an impact on the audience because judges and netizens alike were greatly impressed by the costume.

Masterpiece from Recycled Items 

The Pagar family has been regular participants of Araneta City’s Halloween contests. But this is the first time that they took home a prize for joining. 

It is a well-deserved win because they not only made a robot out of recycled materials, but one that is complete with functioning lights as well! The mesmerizing creation felt like a fully operational robot with red paint, glowing eyes, and flashing lights all around its body. 

According to Maribel Pagar, the artist of this costume, she made use of plastic cups, plastic bottles, LED lights, boxes, and other recycled items to create the piece. The unique and futuristic appeal of this costume made it an instant favorite among the audience and judges alike.

The effort put into the costume definitely paid off, because it was chosen as the grand champion of this year’s Halloween costume and the winner of Php 5000! A work of art that shows that even from home, all one needs is creativity and a few readily available materials to create a great costume. 


In case you missed Araneta City’s virtual Halloween celebration, you may watch the video again on the official Araneta City Facebook page.