Shop with comfort at Parolan Bazaar through virtual finders

Thanks to the Ask Araneta service, you no longer have to brace the Christmas rush (and traffic) just to buy decors at Araneta City’s Parolan bazaar this weekend

Every November, Araneta City opens a one-stop for Christmas decorations aptly called PAROLAN. This festive bazaar of Christmas items has become known as a treasure throve of ornaments, trinkets, and unique finds every Christmas season at the City of Firsts.  

It has become a location where one is able to rekindle the spirit of Christmas. Be it the colorful parols that line every stall or the handwoven wreaths hanging from the counters, each item here transports you back to a time of festivity and family. Parolan lets us reconnect with the joy of Christmas. 

For the first time ever, you can now experience Parolan online through ASK ARANETA, Araneta City’s virtual concierge service.

This weekend (November 20 and 21), you can now enlist the help of your own virtual finders to ask inquiries, request photos, and even have items reserved or delivered to you straight from Parolan. All you need to do is message the Ask Araneta City Facebook page through and wait for the virtual finders to accommodate your request.

To make things even more convenient for you, we have compiled here a list of some of the festive items that you can ask our virtual finders to check for you!

  • Parols
    Price range: Php 400 to Php 3,500

You guessed it, this Christmas Bazaar is brimming with colorful Parols perfect for any household or budget. For those looking for simple yet elegant decorations, classic hanging stars are available for as low as Php 400 in assorted colors.

Hanging Stars

Parols made from Abaca are also available for those who want more traditional designs this Christmas. At only Php 450, you are sure to get your money’s worth because Abaca is known to be incredibly durable and long lasting. 

If you want your stars with a little bit of shine, then these star decors with gold lining are for you. For Php 800, you can take your pick of orange, white, red, green, or blue stars to hang on your doors. 

Want to step it up even more? Then you can’t go wrong with a special Capiz Parol. These colorful Christmas lanterns are sure to brighten up any home! Get one of these vibrant ornaments here at Parolan from Php 2500 – Php 4500 (depending on design).

Now if you’re looking for a top of the line piece to put in your homes, then that would be the lighted Poinsettia Parol. It comes at a not so cheap price of Php 3500, but once you see the detailed pattern of the traditional Christmas plant on the Parol – then you’ll see why it is worth it. This stylish décor even lights up in red and green to give it that extra festive spirit.

  • Christmas Trees
    Price Range: Php 2,500 to 5,000

Christmas isn’t complete without a Christmas Tree. Luckily, you can take your pick from various unique offerings here at Parolan.

Need something to brighten up the room? LED Christmas trees are available at Php 2,500 in assorted colors for a decoration that will surely make the room glow. 


Traditional Christmas trees are also available in different sizes, so you are sure to find the best fit for your home. The best part is that most of them are already sold with ornaments attached, so you no longer need to worry about decorating them!

  • Christmas Tree Ornaments
    Price Range: Php 20 to Php 300

Now for those who do enjoy the experience of building and decorating your own Christmas Tree, then Parolan is a treasure throve of great ornaments and figurines to hang on your tree. 

There are glittered balls of assorted colors...

...figurines to add life to your decors...

...and of course, everyone’s favorite bearded fellow – Santa Claus!

  • Belens
    Price Range: Php 1,500 to Php 2,000

Belens have become a staple of Christmas to remind Filipinos of why this festive Holiday is being celebrated – the birth of Jesus in a humble manger. Varied depictions of this holy event are available at Parolan through the handmade figurines made by the sellers themselves.


Araneta City’s Parolan bazaar is a place to feel the comfort and joys of the Christmas season. Thanks to the Ask Araneta service, you no longer have to brace the Christmas rush (and traffic) to enjoy this experience. 

If you find any of these items interesting, just send a message to and get connected with your very own Parolan virtual finder! 

Or, feel free to visit Parolan until December 31 to personally have a taste of Christmas at the City of Firsts.