Find the best gifts this Christmas with Ask Araneta: Regalo


Still don’t know what to give your loved ones this Christmas? 

Meet “Ask Araneta: Regalo,” Araneta City’s first-ever virtual gift finder, designed to assist shoppers in finding the best gifts for their loved ones this holiday season. With this service, you can just message Araneta City, let them know your gift budget, and get connected with your very own virtual finder. The virtual finder will then give you gift recommendations matching your desired price range and target recipient. They can even send real-time pictures, updates, and reserve your desired gift items for you!

To avail of this innovative service, just message the Ask Araneta City Facebook page through this link and wait for our virtual finders to find the perfect items for you at Gateway Mall.

To make things even more convenient for you, we have compiled here a list of some of the festive gifts that you can ask our virtual finders to check for you!

 Affordable Giveaways below Php 300

Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive. There are tons of giftable items here at Gateway Mall that won’t break the bank. In fact, you can ask the virtual finders to look for items specifically below Php 300 such as these self-care items from the Body Shop.

Those looking for affordable treats for the kids can also find a wide selection of budget-friendly toys to give away this Christmas at Gateway Mall's Rustan's Department store. 


Toys below Php 300 at Rustan's, Gateway Mall

Gadgets and Accessories from Php 300 - Php 499

Looking for gifts for the man on the go? Urbanize has a wide selection of pocket accessories perfect for anyone's daily commute or travel. These items are great for any prepper or anyone who wants to always be ready for whatever the day might bring.

Pocket accessories from Php 300 - Php 499 

For the more casual travelers, there are a lot of fashionable and functionable items available at Rustan's. Be it witty tumblers or cute additions to your grooming kit, you're sure to find unique gifts below Php 500 at Rustan's.

Accessories below Php 500 at Rustan's, Gateway Mall

Bags and Wallets from Php 500 - Php 999

Know someone in dire need of a new bag for work or school? Why not let our virtual finders find you durable and affordable bags at Urbanize? These bags are designed specifically for commuters and urban travelers who need a reliable and sturdy bag to keep their valuables in. 

Bags below Php 1000 at Urbanize

Colorful purses are also available at Rustan's for anyone who wants to surprise their flamboyant friends with elegantly designed pouches. Take your pick from the many artsy finds available at Rustan's for below Php 1000

Clothes and Make-up above Php 1000

It's hard to go wrong with clothes or make-up as a Christmas gift. Be it for fashionable friends, chic family members, or just loved ones looking to update their wardrobe - they are sure to appreciate these trendy finds at Gateway mall. 

Make-up at Rustan's

Shoes from Vans

Outfits from Rustan's

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