Store Spotlight: Royal House Group (Bulalo World, King Sisig, Lechon Factory)

Searching for a hearty meal around Araneta City has never been more convenient as Royal House Group (RHG) offers multiple food choices at the City of Firsts.

Three brands under its crown – BULALO WORLD (simmering tagos-sa-buto comfort food), KING SISIG (satisfying sisig-busog cravings), and LECHON FACTORY (crafting lechon belly for your belly special celebrations) – are strategically placed in various Araneta City locations to make opulent dishes affordable and readily accessible.

Royal House Group offers sumptuous dishes

The noble name in the food industry started as a humble, small kiosk that served flavorful chicken meals in train stations. RHG used to be named Chicken House, with its first food venture being Niknok Manok in 2010. It grew to 9 stores but were ultimately reduced to only 3. To save the remaining branches, it decided to highlight one of its bestsellers: Sisig.

King Sisig

It was sisig that gave RHG its break towards growth. In 2012, the group introduced King Sisig in Makati City. That’s when the business started reigning supreme in the industry.

Krunchy Pork Sisig with Veggie Lumpia as side dish

The restaurant staff wear crowns, adding to the royal theme of the comfortable interiors. Customers are served with an opulent serving of Sisig, with choices ranging from their best-selling King’s Krunchy Pork Sisig, with Lechon, Chicken, Bangus, and Pork BBQ variants available. You can also enjoy a side dish of Veggie Lumpia Sisig or Pork Sisig Pancit. If you want something aside from the house special, their sweet and savory Royal Fried Chicken is a great option.

Chicken Sisig

King Sisig satisfies your cravings with its Sisig-Busog experience. Satisfy your taste buds with their plates exploding with flavor. Satisfy your hunger with their generous servings, all with the option to go unli-rice. Satisfy your senses with the sizzle and texture of their meals.

Visit King Sisig, ang Hari ng Sisig-Busog, at the Food Gallery in Ali Mall, Food Plaza in Farmers Plaza, and at Farmers Market.

Bulalo World

If there is one kingdom where King Sisig rules, then there is a separate world where Bulalo reigns supreme.

Bulalo for three

Before, urbanites travel to the highlands of Tagaytay for a sip of beef marrow stew. There were few restaurants offering bulalo in the metro, but they serve the cuisine in big portions at high prices.

Royal House Group brought the sought-after broth of South Luzon to the city. In 2014, Bulalo World came to life in Quiapo, simmering affordable yet sumptuous beef marrow stew. The restaurant made the traditional aroma and flavor of Tagaytay bulalo available in affordable solo order formats. Bulalo World serves Filipino favorites with Tagos-sa-Buto flavor and comfort.

Bulalo tagos-sa-buto

Its gelatinous beef broth is made rich by boiling beef shanks, beef bone marrow, pechay, sweet corn. This staple is best enjoyed with a hint of patis, kalamansi, and mounds of white rice.  

Kare-Kare and Dinuguan

Have you ever heard of Bulalo Sinigang? At Bulalo World, enjoy the wholesome beef broth with a tangy Sinigang kick. Other Filipino comfort classics like Crispy Tawilis, Sinigang na Hipon, Beef with Mushroom, Beef Kare-Kare, and solo-cut Boneless (!) Crispy Pata are also available.

Sinigang na Hipon

Bulalo World is located along General Roxas Ave in Farmers Market, Food express in Gateway Mall, Food Plaza in Farmers Plaza, Food Gallery in Ali Mall.

Lechon Factory

The Royal House Group didn't settle with a dynasty of sisig and bulalo. Its realm continued to expand, conquering the arena of lechons.

Most look to the famous whole lechon-roasted pig of Cebu. For us in Metro Manila, the Royal House Group gives a delicious and practical alternative to complete our celebrations: Lechon Belly. In 2016, the group introduced Lechon Factory (now Lechon Belly Factory).

Pork Lechon Belly

Lechon Factory serves up its bestselling Lechon Belly as the best option to complete your Belly Special Celebrations. Compared to a whole pig, Lechon Belly is all meat, skin, and delicious taste - with none of the bones, none of the hassle. The restaurant crafts a version that is succulent and satisfying with crispy skin bedded with plump and juicy meat, and is stuffed with spices to enhance its aroma in each bite.

Lechon Belly for belly special occasions

Its lechon manok rises above the competition as you can easily feel the captured aroma of embers and the flavorful sweetness of barbeque or spiciness of hot-char grilled chicken.

Lechon Manok

Lechon Factory opened in Araneta City in 2019 at the Food Gallery in Ali Mall, Food Express in Gateway Mall, and Food Plaza in Farmers Plaza.

Noble legacy

The noble Royal House Group is also notable in giving back to its community. The family behind the Royal Food Group has been regularly supporting an orphanage in Manila even before the pandemic.

During the pandemic, it provided food packs to hospitals in Makati as aid to various frontliners. The group's generosity also extended to its affected employees and restaurant staff through subsidies, relief goods, and grocery packs.

One secret behind Royal House Group's good reputation in the food industry is its cleanliness. Even before the pandemic, its kitchens are always kept clean, visible to the customers and well-managed by professional store managers. As quarantine restrictions were relaxed and dining options were allowed, the management has assured that employees, chefs, servers, kitchen staff will remain healthy through regular sanitation in restaurants. Stringent health guidelines and protocols set by the government were strictly implemented in all stores.

Store Managers of Royal House Group in Food Gallery, Ali Mall 

The success of the Royal House Group mirrors how an iconic Mongolian King expanded its kingdom by opening access across Asia through the Silk Road. This accessibility has given him the opportunity to give a kingly and heavenly service to his people.

As for the Royal House Group, it has opened all possibilities for food offerings in the country. Coupled with great service and noble intentions to serve, it opened an opportunity for urban dwellers to try out prime Filipino cuisines and first-class service befitting of an elite customer.

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Food Gallery's Bulalo World Kitchen

Kitchen of King Sisig in Food Gallery, Ali Mall

Kitchen of Lechon Factory in Food Gallery, Ali Mall

Stringent health protocols are implemented in all RHG stores

Social distancing measures are enforced for the safety and protection of the public