Try these cool eco-friendly, waste-reducing products this 2021

The country is facing a garbage crisis. Filipinos are said to produce 0.414 kilograms of solid waste every single day. And by 2030, each Filipino will be producing five additional kilograms of solid waste per year!

This 2021, let's make waste reduction part of our New Year's Resolution. January is a perfect time to start, since we are celebrating National Zero Waste Month.

Araneta City advocates for a clean and zero waste movement. And being green doesn’t have to be limiting and strict. Here’s a list of some cool eco-friendly products you might find at the City of Firsts:


Dentists advise replacing toothbrushes at least every after 3 months to ensure oral health. But do you wonder what happens to your regular plastic toothbrushes after you dump them?

Handles of standard toothbrushes are made from polypropylene plastic, while their bristles are made from nylon. Both materials are not biodegradable and stay on earth for a very long time.

Why not try using bamboo toothbrushes instead? It takes a lower carbon footprint to produce one, and it breaks down within 6 months.

Available at Istana Shop (Level 2, Gateway Mall)
Available at Istana Shop (Level 2, Gateway Mall)


You may have already seen that viral video (or photo, in some instances) of a seahorse grabbed on to a plastic cotton swab stick. This perfectly illustrates where plastic products like cotton swab stick usually end up.

For a more biodegradable and earth-friendly approach, try looking for cotton swabs with bamboo sticks. They are as durable as plastic, but not as harmful to the environment.

Available at Latt Liv (Ground Floor, Ali Mall; Level 2, Farmers Plaza)

There are also cotton swabs available in paper sticks. They may not be as durable as plastics or bamboo (especially when wet), but they still sure are effective in cleaning your ears.

Available at Poporri (Ground Floor, Farmers Plaza)


Every time we buy food takeout, our meals always come with a disposable spoon and fork. And if you regularly buy takeouts for lunch or dinner, just imagine the quantity of plastic waste you are producing.

As a zero-waste move, try to refuse plastic utensils, and bring your own reusable utensils. A lot of shops now sell sets of reusable plastic or metal utensils -- complete with spoon and fork, and sometimes with knife or even straw.

These sets usually come in cute packages, making them very light and handy. 

Available at Poporri (Ground Floor, Farmers Plaza)


Water is life. Experts advise drinking lots of water daily for good health. That's why most of the time, we buy bottles of water, or even bring our own bottles wherever we go.

But this could be bad at times. Regularly buying bottled water means producing more plastic wastes. Having our own bottles, on the other hand, may not be healthy in the long run, as they are said to produce toxic chemicals after repeated usage.

For those who are not into bringing heavy ceramic mugs or metallic bottles, an option would be wheat cups. They are as durable as other water holders, but not as harmful or heavy.

Available at Poporri (Ground Floor, Farmers Plaza)


Most of our food containers at home are plastics. While we do use them mostly for a long period of time, they still end up in the trashbin when it's time to replace them. And we know how long they'll last in the dump.

Try looking for food containers with materials that are biodegradable, like bamboo. Both plastics and bamboos are durable and light, yet the latter is safer to the environment. 

Available at Istana Shop (Level 2, Gateway Mall)

This 2021, let's aim for a sustainable, earth-friendly lifestyle! 

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