Ideal Araneta City pastries for the cold weather

Brace yourself for a cold weather until February, according to PAGASA. Be sure to have a cup of your favorite coffee or hot tea ready to fully enjoy this fine, relaxing time.

Are you thinking of grabbing some ethereal bread or sweets to accompany your warm drink? We got you covered in getting this comfy experience! Below is a list of the sumptuous pastries that you can find at the City of Firsts:


Croissant of Tous Les Jours

Home to French-Asian inspired baked goods, Tous Les Jours offers Araneta Ciy-zens the best croissant passionately made from the finest ingredients.

Freshly baked with the finest ingredients

Enjoy a sumptuous bite of this golden-arc French bread with a sip of warm coffee.

You can also have a pack of bite-sized croissant perfect for merienda.

Tous Les Jours is located at the Shopwise Arcade just across the Smart Araneta Coliseum. For deliveries, contact them via these mobile numbers: 09353608585 / 09461625175 via Araneta City Assist.


Pistaccio Cioccolato of Caramia

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Caramia’s Pistaccio Cioccolato is a delectable joyful treat to pair with a warm cup of tea. Made from the ovens -- or should we say the freezers of Caramia -- the Pistaccio Cioccolato is a decadent chocolate flavored chiffon layered with pistachio filling topped with deep dark chocolate.

Caramia is located at 3rd Floor, Gateway Mall, Araneta City. Reach out to them via Araneta City Assist at (02) 8 287 7434.

Activated Charcoal Melon Pan of Kumori and BLK 513

Introducing the limited-edition Charcoal Melon Pan! Kumori's Melon Pan, made in collaboration with BLK 513, is an upgrade to the best-selling Japanese pastry! 

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This cloud-like bun, enveloped in an activated-charcoal cookie crust and filled with indulgent cream cheese, makes for a satisfying contrast of crunchy and soft textures!

No folks, there is no melon flavor within this one-of-a-kind bread.

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Visit Kumori at the Activity Area of Gateway Mall. Make a call via the Araneta City Assist at 09665246908 to put your orders in.

Araneta City partners with delivery courier Mr. Speedy to give you ARANETA CITY ASSIST, your personal link between any store at the City of First.

Through this service, anyone can now buy an item at Araneta City online or remotely, and talk to the stores directly, from the comforts of their homes. It covers delivery of purchases not just from restaurants but also from retail non-food stores.

Access the Araneta City Assist via the Araneta City mobile app.

Enjoy these fine baked pastries freshly delivered at your doorstep via the Araneta City Assist now!