In the know: Araneta City as QC's official tourism district

Did you know that Araneta City has been declared as one of the 9 official tourism districts in Quezon City?

On this day in 2018, former mayor Herbert Bautista signed Ordinance No. SP-2796, S-2018 which named then Araneta Center as a 'tourism district'. The ordinance recognized the City of Firsts' "six decades of success and transformation" and its being the country's pioneer in commercial center.

In becoming an official tourism district, the local government acknowledges Araneta City's "diverse features and multi-faceted functionality, [as] it provides a complete experience for both the locals and tourists both in commercial, entertainment and lifestyle scenes in Metro Manila."

The recognition also aims to showcase Araneta City as "a model for sustainable design of a modern community center." Check out this link for a virtual tour of the City of Firsts.

While not everyone can currently enjoy the latest offerings of Araneta City due to COVID-19 restrictions, you may enjoy a glimpse of how the City of Firsts has now progressed through these walk tour videos:

from Johnny Khooo:

from Light On You:

from Renz TV:

from Wanderful Steps:


Excited to embark on your own adventure at this tourism district? Feel safe as you explore Araneta City's shopping, dining, and other essential offerings with our health and safety protocols. #SafetyFirstattheCityof Firsts!