Great budget finds for all seasons at Farmers Plaza Bazaar


Come rain or come shine, there are a number of reasons to shop in Farmers Plaza Bazaar at Araneta City.

Level-up your game to keep up with the unpredictable weather with amazing and affordable finds in Farmers Plaza's cool tiangge area. No worries, we have listed down all the items that you can shop for different kinds of seasons.

Summer Outfits

Bring home the summer heat!

It’s high time to show off the abs and slim bodies you’ve grinded all throughout the quarantine period with these beach shorts for men and two-piece for women. Choose from a variety of designs and colors that will bring out the sexy in you.

Winter feels

It’s getting colder and colder!

Don’t let the chills get into you with the continuing winter nights. Have these sweatshirts and long sleeves to warm you up, even with no one to cuddle let the heat come from within you.

Chic for Kids

Find a unique selection of clothes and accessories for toddlers and children at an affordable price! Introduce fashion to children at a young age.

Vacation is for kids

And kids at heart!

Start the adventures at home this summer with an assorted selection of toys for boys and girls. It’s cool that children are gadget savvy but its cooler to introduce old-school toys and games that can pique their imagination and mold creativity.

There are also rare finds for trading card game collectors in a small kiosk in Farmers Bazaar! Look for Crazy 8 Hobby Shop.

Accessories and jewelry

Uncover unique jewelries in Farmers Plaza Bazaar. Choose from a variety of shiny things to unlock the glitz and glam in your clothes.


Walk on all kinds of roads and occasions with a thousand selections of shoes for men and women! 

Novelty Items

Are you looking for costumes and headdresses to complete your online summer party look? There is an affordable store in Farmers Plaza Bazaar where you can rummage for cos-play outfits or even commission them to customize a specific character.

Social distancing measures and sanitary regulations are in place at the bazaar. Merchants are required to wear face mask and face shield at all times. Disinfectants are made available in all kiosks. Floor markings and numerous safety reminders are made visible around the bazaar.

Shoppers are required to wear face mask and face shield, and are advised to bring their own shopping bags to minimize physical contact.

Occupying the whole 4th floor of Farmers Plaza, the bazaar can be easily accessed by EDSA-MRT commuters and Araneta City visitors who are in search of budget-friendly goods.

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