What you need to know about Araneta City's COVID-19 saliva test

Last February 17, the City of Firsts and the Philippine Red Cross opened a new COVID-19 test site for the public at the Araneta City Bus Port.

A drive-through RT-PCR saliva test collection site was opened at Araneta City to help the Philippine Red Cross extend its health and diagnostic offerings to more people.

What is this saliva test, and why should you avail of it? Here are some things you need to know:

1. LESS INVASIVE. For those who are not comfortable with the usual swab test, the saliva-based is a great alternative. Nothing will be inserted into your body. All you need to do is just spit into a vial that will be provided on-site. 

2. ACCURATE. There's nothing to worry about because the saliva test has a high accuracy rate -- which is not far from the swab test's rate. While the swab test has a reported 99% accuracy rate, the saliva test is said to be 98.23% accurate. Not bad!

3. SAFER. The saliva test at the Araneta City Bus Port is offered via a drive-through service. Passengers no longer need to get out of their vehicles to have their samples taken. This lessens chances for more person-to-person contact. After all, we put #SafetyFirstAtTheCityofFirsts.

4. CHEAPER. While some swab test procedures are pegged at around P3,000, the saliva test at Araneta City comes at a lower price of P1,500 only!

5. ACCESSIBLE. With Araneta City strategically located at the heart of Metro Manila, almost everyone will be able to reach this COVID test site with ease.

6. CONVENIENT. All you need to do is visit http://bit.ly/AranetaCity-RedCross, book an appointment, pay online, and go to the Araneta City Bus Port on your chosen date. Results will be emailed in a matter of days! 


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