Pinoy-infused milk tea summer drinks invade Araneta City

Summer is officially here, so why not dive for (edible) pearls to beat the heat! Your favorite milk tea stores are brewing a more local take on your go-to refreshments to make the tropical summer more chill and exciting! 

We got you covered as we list down some of the open milk tea stores at the City of Firsts and their new offerings that you can takeout or buy via delivery. 

Black Scoop Cafe (Gateway Mall)

Taro or gabi, a staple ingredient in Filipino dishes, is now in a Black Scoop drink! Black Scoop brings this delicacy to your cups in a satisfying Taro Milk tea, which can also be topped with cream cheese and marshmallows. 

Photo credit: Black Scoop Cafe Facebook page

Black Scoop is located at the Ground Floor of Gateway Mall. For deliveries, call 7750-6693.

Macau Imperial Tea (Gateway Mall)

Giving a refreshing twist to our all-time favorite Pinoy summer treat, Macau Imperial introduces the new Cheesecake Halo-Halo. This drooling ingenious creation is an infusion of the chewiness of a halo-halo drink and the sweetness of a cheesecake milk tea. 

Here’s an anatomy of this delectable drink: 

Photo credit: Macao Imperial Tea Facebook page

Macao Imperial Tea is located at Level 1 of Gateway Mall. For deliveries, call 7728-0826.

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Chatime (Gateway Mall and Ali Mall)

For this summer, Chatime recreated our favorite peanut butter spread into a delicious milk tea drink. Take a sip of Chatime’s irresistible milk tea creations: the Nutty Cream cheese Banana Milk tea and the Nutty Cream Cheese Cocoa. 

Photo credit: Chatime Facebook page

Chatime is located at Level 2 of Gateway Mall and Upper Ground Floor of Ali Mall. For deliveries, call 0917-6353376 (Gateway Mall) or 990-4751 (Ali Mall).

Dakasi (Ali Mall)

Dakasi is bannering its fresh-tasting lineup of drinks to chill up your tropical heat. Savor the refreshing taste of buko in Dakasi’s Coconut Milk tea, as well as the other natural-tasting milk tea drink in this store.

Photo credit: Dakasi Facebook page

Dakasi is located at the Ground Floor of Ali Mall.

One Zo (Cyberpark Tower 2)

Looking for something new and different? Quench your thirst with the satisfying milk tea varieties of One Zo. Try the Taro Delight or Fruity Strawberry Yogurt for that refreshing Pinoy taste.

Photo credit: One Zo Facebook page

One Zo is located at the Upper Ground Floor of Cyberpark 2. For deliveries, call 0917-5000096.

Coco (Gateway Mall, Ali Mall, and Cyberpark Tower 1)

Do you miss the sweet potatoes of your hometown? Coco is giving you this indulging experience by putting sweet potatoes in their QQ Milk Tea. Get a generous serving of chewy taro and sweet potato in every order of this drink. 

Photo credit: Coco Facebook page

Coco is located at Level 1 of Gateway Mall, Ground Floor of Ali Mall, and Upper Ground Floor of Cyberpark Tower 1. For deliveries, call the Gateway Mall branch at 8281-9945.

Gong Cha (Cyberpark Tower 1 and Shopwise Arcade)

Why not get a drink for a cause, shall we? Join Gong cha’s WEARING IS CARING campaign by buying 3 Gong cha drinks to get a limited edition facemask that you can proudly show on your social media accounts! 

Your pictures with your Gong cha drink and mask are perfect online with the cute Facebook profile picture frames that will tell the world your support for the campaign. 

Photo credit: Gong cha Facebook page

Gong cha is located at the Upper Ground Floor of Cyberpark Tower 1 and at the Shopwise Arcade. For deliveries, call 376-0039.

#GongchaCares #WearingisCaring 

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