TRIVIA: Why are streets in Araneta City named after generals?

Gen. Malvar Avenue, between Manhattan Parkway and New Frontier Theater 

As Araneta City celebrates the National Heroes Day, let’s look into the origins of the street names around the City of Firsts that were named after Philippine generals.

Around the world, street names play a vital role in governance and businesses. Proper street addressing helps people to navigate big cities, and helps promotes culture and order. Street names can help people to have a deeper understanding of a place – its defining culture and underlying attitudes.

Six of the major thoroughfares in Araneta City have been named after generals who had significant impact on our country’s history. It was Don. J. Amado Araneta himself who decided to use these names for major avenues of Araneta City.

According to the book The Araneta Center, the Big Dome and Beyond, written by Alfred A. Yuson and Paulo A. Alcazaren: "Great men know all about the reverence for spaces and the naming of places. Similarly, as the grid was being laid out, Don Amado decided to name the streets after a revolutionary, military, and honorary generals."

Araneta City’s three main avenues connected from Aurora Boulevard to P. Tuazon were aptly named:

  • General Araneta Avenue (between Smart Araneta Coliseum and Farmers Plaza/Market) after Don Juan Araneta who was a pioneer sugar farmer and revolutionary leader during the Negros Revolution;

  • General Aguinaldo Avenue (between Gateway Tower and New Frontier Theater, Smart Araneta Coliseum and Shopwise leading to Cyberpark tower) named after Emilio Aguinaldo, a Filipino revolutionary, statesman, and a military leader; and

  • General Romulo Avenue (between Ali Mall and Araneta City Bus Port / Manhattan Heights and Manhattan Plaza/ Manhattan Parkview ) named after Carlos P. Romulo who was a Filipino diplomat, soldier, and author who served under eight Filipino presidents. 

Meanwhile, three bisecting internal arteries in the City were named:

  • General Malvar Avenue (between New Frontier Theater / Manhattan Parkview and Manhattan Parkway / Aurora Tower) after Miguel Malvar who was a Filipino military leader who served during the Philippine Revolution and the Philippine-American war;

  • General Roxas Avenue (between Time Square Food Park and Manhattan Parkview / New Frontier Theater and Shopwise / Farmers Plaza and Puregold) after Manuel Roxas, the fifth President of the Philippines; and

  • General MacArthur Avenue (between Farmers Market and Farmers Garden/ Parking Garage South and Cyberpark Tower/ Araneta City Bus Station and Ali Mall ) was named after General Douglas MacArthur who was an American Military General and a Field Marshall to the Philippine Army.

One way or another, these generals who became the inspiration for the names of Araneta City’s major thoroughfares have contributed a significant impact on our country today.

“Perhaps he (J. Amado Araneta) sensed that the hierarchical bestowal of these names would lend to the imposition of discipline and accomplishment within the 35-hectare land that would gradually be transformed into full-pledged commercial center”, Yuson and Alcazaren noted.

Don J. Amado Araneta may have not lived long to see the transformation of his pioneering legacy, but the numerous milestones, achievements and stories of successes that have transpired at the City of Firsts have been a testament to the realization of his dreams.

Now, Araneta City is a bustling commercial hub and Metro Manila’s premier business, lifestyle, and entertainment destination.