Araneta City: Christmas TikTok Promo Full Mechanics


1. Follow our official account on TikTok -- @aranetacity.

2. Shoot and post your video entries showcasing Araneta City’s Christmas Décor.

3. Tag us and use the hashtags #ChristmasInAranetaCity and #CityofFirsts

4. You can upload as many entries as you want. 

**Same video entry (same music, same execution, same location, etc.) will be considered as one (1) entry.


5. All the videos must follow TikTok’s community guidelines.

6. You can use any background music and video effects/transitions.

7. Profile/account must be on 'public' for us to see your entries.

8. Criteria for judging:

a. Originality - 40%

b. Entertainment Factor- 30%

c. Video editing and Creativity- 30%


9. 3 winners will win Php 3,000 cash.

10. Winners must be willing to claim their prize here in our office/