LIST: Araneta City restaurants that your grandparents will love!

Grandparents are irreplaceable as they are a blessing to us. They set the standards of values and respect for any person’s development. And as they grow older, certainly deserve all the best in the world — comfort, hospitality, and great food options!

On September 11, Araneta City will host a Grandparents’ Day celebration to honor and give love to our dear grandmas and grandpas. Take them on a date and celebrate their importance in these excellent and accommodating restaurants.

Pho Hoa

If your grandparents want to eat something healthy, don’t hesitate to invite them to Pho Hoa.

Pho Hoa’s dishes include vegetables with their soups, salads, and rice bowls, so your grandparents get the value need, especially at their age. Also, never miss out on their restaurant ambiance as it is elegant with indoor plants and beautiful lights.

Pho Hoa is located at the Upper Ground Floor, Ali Mall, and Level 2 of Gateway Mall.

Mary Grace Café

Mary Grace Café will always remind you of home as it gives you warm lighting, captivating interiors, and a soothing ambiance. Also, to mention their signature ensaymada and cheese roll will surely give your grandparents a reason to like this place.

Mary Grace Café is located at the Upper Ground Floor of Gateway Mall.

Café Adriatico

Café Adriatico is an intimate place where you can spend time with your grandparents because of its cozy atmosphere and fancy decorations. After that tiring and fun day at the City Of Firsts, our grandparents will want something easy to eat and at the same time, taste good.

Worry not because Café Adriatico’s bestseller dish, “Paksiw na Pla-Pla,” stewed in vinegar, ginger, and assorted vegetables, will surely rejuvenate and satisfy them.

(Photo from Cafe Adriatico’s FB Page)

Café Adriatico is located at the Ground Floor of Gateway Mall.


Perhaps your grandparents want to try authentic Filipino food, from fried to grilled and soup-based. Mesa provides it all for you. Don’t forget their signature dish fit for your grandparents: baby squid in olive and their tasty Laing. Also, you can consider their Sisig and Garlic Chicken that will even out the taste of vegetables and seafood.

Mesa is located at the Ground Floor of Ali Mall.

Celebrating Grandparents Day doesn’t need to be grand. After all, the simple things truly count. They are very sentimental and emotional beings, so remember to make them feel loved always.