Chinese Zodiac Predictions for Wooden Dragon Year: Pig


In the upcoming year, Pigs can anticipate an abundance of opportunities and success by adopting the appropriate mindset and implementing thoughtful planning. Within their professional lives, Pigs will undoubtedly thrive, showcasing their talents and finding immense satisfaction in aiding those in need. The Dragon, who shall reign over 2024, shall ignite a flame of generosity and nobility within Pigs, propelling them to become extraordinary individuals.

In a world where popularity reigns supreme, these individuals find themselves adored by all. Their remarkable abilities span a multitude of disciplines, yet they often find themselves deprived of the recognition they truly deserve. Driven by a selfless nature, they give more than they receive.

Innovating in the workplace is a common trait among pigs, as they showcase their amiable nature and strong desire to collaborate effectively. Their eagerness to contribute and fulfill duties is admirable, although occasional challenges in completing tasks do arise. The perfect fusion of enthusiasm and successful outcomes often paves the way for remarkable professional prospects.


In the journey of this year, you are destined to create extraordinary bonds and amplify the fortune of love!

For those who are married, this is a great year for deepening your relationship by declarations of love.

Keep the fire burning by showering your better half with compliments and attention, but not everything will be running smooth. For singles, this year, there might be someone who will you have a romantic relationship with, and will eventually give a marriage proposal.

As this year is about home comfort, expect frequent and entertaining visitors at your homes, as your warm and benevolent presence allure them. Apart from maintaining the cleanliness of your home, it is also important to focus on creating your home a cozy haven for your family and friends. To balance the chi in your house, you have to let go of your doubts, and accept everyone as they are.

SOURCE: The Chinese

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