Where to find Belen sets in Araneta City?

Every Christmas season, most Filipino homes and offices aren’t complete without the Belen display. It has become an important holiday decor as it serves as a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas — the birth of Jesus.

Are you planning to buy a Belen for your room, home, or office space? We have listed down below where to find unique yet affordable Nativity sets in Araneta City to help you canvas and plan your budget.

  • Parolan

Araneta City’s largest destination for Christmas decors, Parolan offers a thousand sets of holiday lights, stars, garlands, and figurines. There are also a number of Nativity sets to choose from here in this colorful area.

Parolan is open daily from 5 AM to 10 PM at the Farmers Garden Parking (along Gen. Mac Arthur Ave.)

  • St. Paul’s

A Christian bookstore in Gateway Mall, St. Paul’s has different kinds of Nativity sets that can fit your Christmas theme.

St. Paul’s is located on Level 3, Gateway Mall.

  • Catholic Trade (Manila) Inc.

A religious goods store in Araneta City, Catholic Trade Inc offers solemn looks for a Nativity.

The store is located on L2, Farmers Plaza.

  • EVM Decors and Displays

A humble nook for your Christmas displays located in Calle Plaza, EVM Decors and Displays has a lot of Nativity sets for you to choose from.

EVM Decors and Displays is located on L2, Calle Plaza, Farmers Plaza.

  • Papemelroti

Let these Papemelroti nativity sets serve as an inspiration and reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. Decorate your own home or office with a nativity set or give it as a gift to a special person or loved one this holiday season.

Even Araneta City has its own set — a lize-sized Belen that has since become an annual public attraction! Join us on November 11, Friday, at 5pm, as we unveil our giant Belen along Gen. McArthur (in between Farmers Market and Farmers Garden).