Be ready for face-to-face schooling with these cool must-haves

After two years of having online school learning, students are now prepping up for their face-to-face learning this month. It may be exciting to see and meet your peers and teachers in person, but the shift from online to face-to-face learning can be challenging, especially in your studying routine.

Here in Araneta City, we got some items that will help you in having a productive studying routine.

Refillable Notebooks

Whether it’s spiral-bound or binder-style, refillable notebooks let you insert more pages easily, and let you customize the layout depending on your preference. It also has colored dividers, allowing you to categorize your notes, and a table of contents page where you can write the title of your notebook and its contents.

The Session Refillable Notebooks can be bought at Fullybooked, located at the 2nd Floor of Gateway Mall.

Page Markers

Got important information or notable lines on the book you are reading? Keep track of the paragraph or page of your book by having these colorful and cute page markers. Apart from sticking them on your book or notebook, you may also write a keyword on the page marker so you will remember the information easily.

You may purchase these page markers at the National Bookstore, located at the Ground Floor of Ali Mall.

Inspirational Notepads

Getting overwhelmed or having a tough day at school? Have these inspirational notepads with you. The messages imprinted on these notepads will lift you up and motivate you in doing your schoolwork, or in reviewing for your upcoming quizzes or exams. They’re also perfect for writing down the things you needed to do for school.

These inspirational notepads can be purchased at the National Bookstore, located at Ground Floor of Ali Mall.


Collect your ideas, observations, and your happenings each day through writing. Keeping a journal will help you remember the ideas that you had at that certain time. Apart from school-related stuff, you may also use the journal in writing your goals, aspirations, and express your talent in writing by creating a story about your daily routine.

You may purchase these journals at Miniso, located at the Upper Ground Level of Gateway Mall.

Faber Castell Highlighter Pens

Apart from page markers, you may also use highlighter pens in marking the important information you have just read. They are also effective tools for studying as it tells the reader to pick out the important parts of the topic, and allows you to review that information later.

This set of Faber Castell Highlighter Pens can be purchased at the National Bookstore, Ground Floor of Ali Mall.

Note Tabs/Divider Notes

Keep track of essential information, and easily organize your notes with these note tabs or divider notes. You can write annotations, keywords, and additional information on it and place it on your book, or you can just simply write the key topics of your notes to help you determine what subject is your notebook for.

These note pads are available at Officewarehouse, Ground Floor of Gateway Mall (LRT 2 side).

Writing Pads

Face-to-face learning also entails tons of school activities. To get your life more organized with all the hustle you’re doing, consider having these writing pads. Apart from organizing your tasks and schedules, it also has self-care writing pads, so you can write your little wins at school, the things you are grateful for, and your goals in life.

You can score these writing pads at Papemelroti, 2nd Floor of Ali Mall.