Budget-friendly snacks in Araneta City for people on the go!

Tight on a budget? Spend your money wisely! Here in Araneta City, we will help you look for budget-friendly food places or food kiosks that will satisfy your hunger and cravings. Check out the list of affordable places that you can visit here at the City of Firsts!

Master Siomai 

Siomai is the best cheap food since it’s tasty and filling. It’s perfect with rice. Master Siomai serves the finest-tasting siomai utilizing the greatest ingredients for students and employees who wish to save.

Master Siomai is located at Level 3 Gateway Mall, Ground Floor of Farmers Market, and the Lower Ground Floor of Farmers Plaza. 

Doners Bites Shawarma 

Good looking, great taste! Nothing comes close to Shawarma rice as this is very popular, mainly because it blends with everything, such as fresh vegetables and tasty sauce, that makes students and employees return for more. 

Doner Bites Shawarma is located at Level 3 Gateway Mall.

Baker’s Fair 

Want to eat something that is an all-time favorite snack? Never fear; Baker’s Fair is here as they have different flavors of hot hopia that students and employees look forward to. Its soft crust and sweet filling make it stand out whatever the occasion.

Baker’s Fair is located at Farmers Market. 

Jin-Zai Takoyaki 

Have you tried eating at Jin-Zai Takoyaki? Try their tasty takoyaki balls filled with different types of meat seasoned with flavorful toppings that make you feel you’re in Japan. With its affordable price, students and employees get to feel that touch of Japanese food. 

Jin-Zai Takoyaki is located at Level 3, Food Express of Gateway Mall. 

Famous Belgian Waffle 

Take your waffle to the next level! Try Famous Belgian Waffle combinations that are proven to satisfy any of your cravings.  

Served hot and fresh daily! no one can resist the aroma of the freshly cooked waffle. Due to its affordable price, complete your meal and grab a bite of a fruity or creamy waffle!

Famous Belgian Waffle is located at Level 3, Food Express of Gateway Mall.