LIST: Where to buy hot drinks at the City of Firsts

The month of January is giving us a relaxing cool breeze that we’ve been wishing for. 

But the chill is somehow dozing us off from our new year drills. So it’s better to warm up with hot coffee and tea at the City of Firsts. 

Here are some hot drink finds in Araneta City for that warm cozy snuggle:


‘More than just tea for you and me’

Amidst your favorite selection of frappe and milk tea drinks from Infinitea is a curated list of hot drinks that you could choose from Coffee, Chocolate, Coffee Vanilla, Original Milk Tea, Vanilla, Macha, Macha Soya.

Infinitea is located at Farmers Market and Manhattan Parkway.

Araneta City Bus Station Coffee

Located at the west end side of Araneta City Bus Station near Times Square Food Park is a general merchandise store that offers an affordable to-go coffee.

For only Php10 commuters and late-night travelers can have the right amount of caffeine. You can pair the coffee with a delectable siopao and/or boiled egg.

But First, Coffee >

‘Because good coffee doesn’t have to be expensive. We are, But First, Coffee’

The “> or Greater Than” sign logo of But First, Coffee aims to send a message with getting coffee before anything else because good coffee doesn’t have to be expensive.

But First, Coffee > is located at Araneta City’s latest al fresco spot: New Frontier Theater The Second.

UG Coffee Shop

Grinding the best locally-produced coffee beans, Urban Grind (or, simply UG) takes up the challenge to change how Filipinos should enjoy their coffee.

UG grinds its beans upon order, so customers can really taste a freshly brewed coffee in every cup. One can order a drink hot or iced, Americano or Espresso, tea or shakes, or in any other variant. Plunge into a selection of hot coffee.

UG is located in Shopwise Arcade (just across the Smart Araneta Coliseum).

Epicurean Coffee and Bread Station

Discover this budget-friendly yet exquisite hot drinks corner in Farmers Market. You can choose from a variety of drinks for as low as Php 10 to warm you up.

Pair your coffee with a hearty pandesal.

Dunkin Donuts

Are you in the mood for a Dunkin Original Blend? We’ve got you covered!

Dunkin Donuts coffee has the perfect flavor that everyone loves. It gives you the extra boost that you need in the morning without being over caffeinated.

For more hot drink choices, check our our list of options per Araneta City property:

Gateway Mall | Ali Mall | Farmers Plaza | Manhattan Row | Cyberpark Tower 1 | New Frontier Theater Arcade | Coliseum Circle | Shopwise Arcade

Start your year at the City of Firsts with a blend of aroma and warmth to keep you going!