Guilt-free food options for Lent in Araneta City

Committing to fasting this Lenten season could be challenging. But it doesn’t mean you have to completely deprive yourself of eating. You can still savor meals mindfully, without overindulging, depriving yourself, or neglecting your dietary needs.

This Lenten season, indulge in guilt-free dining at Araneta City. Discover an array of healthy dishes offered by these restaurants and food spots:


For a simple pleasure, dine at Mamou to have their no-meat selections.

Enjoy Mamou’s Grilled Salmon on veggie rice, striking the perfect balance between healthy and hearty. It shows that nutritious food can be tasty too. Cheers to good food and balanced eating! 

Also try their Alaskan King Crab stars on a bed of chiffonade lettuce, paired with vibrant ginger, lemon butter, and alavar sauces. Enjoy this with Pia’s famous garlic noodles or crab fat rice. A flavorful Lent certainly awaits at Mamou!

Go to Mamou at the Ground Floor (Restaurant Collection) of New Gateway Mall 2.

Tung Lok Seafood

Savor the fusion of Singaporean-Chinese flavors at Tung Lok Seafood.

The restaurant offers the best Cantonese cuisine to give its patrons a delectable gastronomic experience. Indulge their all-time seafood favorites such as Tung Lok’s Signature Chili Crab with a side of mantou, Crispy Fish Skin with Salted Egg, Prawns in Soya Sauce, and many more.

Dine in at Tung Lok Seafood with the whole family located at the Upper Ground Floor of New Gateway Mall 2.


Fish be with you at Abe, where good friends dine.

Avail of Abe’s Fish Be With You promo where one can order a dish of fish for only Php 499. Savor the Kapampangan twist to the Sinigang na Bangus, Guisadong Hipon, and the fried Tilapia for a discounted price.

Pair it with Abe’s Bamboo rice. You can also order the restaurant’s trademark Ginataang Langka at lamang Dagat and the Rellenong Alimasag for a complete dining experience.

Abe is located at the Ground Floor (Restaurant Collection) of New Gateway Mall 2.


Have a #MeatlessMoment with Manam’s Lent Paboritos.

Dine in Manam for a meatless dining experience this Lent with a variety of craving options. Order the crispy lupiang ubod, Hoy Gising Gising, Shiitake Kare-Kare, Laksa Halaan, Camaron Rebosado, and Shrimp Bicol Express to observe abstinence from meat but satisfied and invigorated.

Manam is located at the Coliseum Plaza, Ground Floor of New Gateway Mall 2.

Salad Stop

Salad Stop offers the lifestyle of eating wide awake, a campaign to eat responsibly through their guilt-free signature salad bowls.

Salad Stop helps one get informed on the contents of each bowl of salad. Their healthy bowls are tagged with corresponding nutritional information and calorie count to help one monitor food intake.

Choose between Signature bowls and warm protein bowls. Customers can also customize the content of salad bowls to their liking.    

Visit Salad Stop in Coliseum Plaza at the New Gateway Mall 2.


Customize healthy sandwiches at Subway!

Maximize the opportunity for abstinence at Subway where one can choose from a wide range of vegetables to add to the sandwich and make healthier choices at Subway.

One can also customize Subway orders with No Bready Bowls for a gluten-free lunch or dinner. Subway also offers salads that can be customized to your preference.

Subway is located at Upper Ground A of New Gateway Mall 2 and 2nd Floor of Ali Mall.

Genki Sushi

The legendary sushi chain from Japan is now in Araneta City bringing in quality and contemporary Japanese cuisine nearer to you.

Genki sushi offers a healthy Japanese dining experience, with classic dishes from Nigiri, Temaki, Gunkan, Sashimi, Makimono, and other iconic Japanese food all perfect for lent.

Genki Sushi is located at Quantum Skyview, Upper Ground B of New Gateway Mall 2.

Seafood Island

Skip the poultry and farm meats with the seafood offerings at Seafood Island.

Bring the family for a boodle feast at Seafood Island where abstinence from sinful food is possible. Choose their “All About Hipon” platter that is served with a variety of shrimp and seafood viand.

One can also choose from the restaurant’s seafood specials for a variety of fish and crustacean cuisines. There’s also the Seafood Gulay for a fusion of vegetables and seafood on a plate.

Aside from the boodle feasts, groups can also order Alimango sa Kawali and Hipon Buckets for a bountiful serving and crabs and shrimps.  

Seafood Island is located at Fiesta Carnival Arcade along Time’s Square Ave. and Gen. MacArthur Ave.

Aboy’s Fresh Lumpia

Go full healthy with Aboy’s Fresh Lumpia.

Look no further as our country’s staple vegetable wrap, lumpia, is served during the holy week. Enjoy their all-natural, all-veggie fresh lumpia in a special egg wrapper. One can also opt to have their lumpia in a regular wheat flour wrapper.

Aboy’s Fresh Lumpia is located at Food Express, 3rd Floor of Gateway Mall.

Empanada Nation

#KaNation head to Empanada Nation for a healthy grub!

Enjoy the North’s pride, the Empanada Nation with their healthy and sinless cuisines. One can head to Empanada Nation and skip their traditional meat empanada, longganisa, and bagnet.

Get introduced to Empanada Nation’s Badibud, a vegetable soup, Dinoydoy, a sauteed bitter melon and squash, flavored with bagoong sauce, and Dinengdeng, A bagoong-based soup dish made primarily of vegetables topped with fried fish.

There’s also the Pinakbet and Poqui-Poqui both equally perfect for a viand.

Visit Empanada Nation located at Level 2 of Cyberpark Tower 1.

Food Exchange Manila (Novotel Manila Araneta City)

Explore the bounty of Chinese Cuisines at Novotel Manila Araneta City.

Enjoy a delectable array of Chinese seafood delights at their Sunday Brunch buffet spread! Dive into a sea of flavors with fresh catches expertly prepared in authentic Chinese culinary styles.

Avail of this offering at Food Exchange Manila located at the Ground Floor of Novotel Manila Araneta City every Sunday until April 28, 2024 from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM.