DID YOU KNOW: Green energy solutions in Araneta City

Did you know that some properties in Araneta City have been tapping renewable energy sources to help reduce carbon footprint?

As the City of Firsts develops more properties to widen its shopping, dining, residential, office, and hospitality portfolio, it has retained a consciousness to integrate environmental sustainability in its expansion. 

In support of the Earth Hour campaign, we are listing down the green initiatives of Araneta City.

Cyberpark Towers

Araneta City Cyberpark, a multibillion-peso PEZA-certified office development, serves as Araneta Group’s key investment in renewable energy solutions.

In 2019, Araneta City partnered with Spectrum (Meralco’s wholly-owned solar and renewable energy solutions subsidiary) to install a 151kW peak Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power System on the roof deck of Cyberpark Tower 1. It has 384 Sunpower panels with a Power class of 395W per panel.

It is equipped with 2 units of Huawei 60kW inverters, best in class with 4 Maximum Power Point Trackers, and lowest maintenance cost with its Environmental Cooling System. The system is also rated to withstand 250kph wind speeds to enhance survivability versus typhoons.

The PV power system allows Cyberpark Tower 1 to save up to Php 68,000 monthly in electricity by utilizing clean solar energy.

Meanwhile, over at Cyberpark Tower 2, the building is fitted with double glazed windows for energy efficiency, and even has a rainwater collection system.

Ali Mall

In 2021, Araneta Group tapped clean energy provider First Gen Corporation for the supply of renewable energy in Ali Mall. This led to First Gen’s subsidiary Bacman Geothermal Inc. (BGI) supplying the historic mall with 2.1 megawatts (MW) of power.

BGI, a licensed retail electricity supplier, is getting the electricity for Ali Mall from the 140-MW Bacman Geothermal Power Plant located in the provinces of Albay and Sorsogon.

Volcano erupt at countryside cityscape aerial. Urban cottages with traffic road at green valley. Legazpi city at Mayon mount landscape, Philippines, Asia. Cinematic tourist attraction at mist haze

The power plant uses steam from the nearby Mayon Volcano to produce electricity. The steam rotates the power plant’s numerous turbines that activate a generator, which produces electricity.

The electricity from the Geothermal Power Plant helps Ali Mall to operate daily as it provides around forty percent (40%) of the mall’s daily electricity needs.

In effect, Araneta Group also saves Php 1.00 per KWH electric consumption in Ali Mall.