What to trade in Araneta City’s “We Want Your Recyclables”?

In partnership with Basic Environmental System and Technologies (BEST), Inc. and the Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department of Quezon City, Araneta City brings back the We Want Your Recyclables project as part of the #TogetherONEarth campaign for Earth Hour 2022. 

The We Want Your Recyclables is the Trash To Cashback program of the Quezon City Government where wastes are converted to Environmental Points (EP) and rewards. Trash Traders can hand over their recyclables at the Times Square Park near Araneta City Bus Station every Wednesday and Friday of March.

To help know what to trade at the Trash To Cashback booth here’s a table from BEST showing the eligible materials for trade as well as the conversion rates of waste materials.

Follow these steps to join the program:

  1. Create a bXTRA account using ONE VALID EMAIL ADDRESS (Gmail, Yahoo and/or Outlook). Visit bXTRA.com.ph and click SIGN-UP.
  2. Segregate wastes at home properly. Separate the recyclables into three (3) bins. Before bringing the recyclables to the center, make sure to keep them dry and placed in their proper containers.
  3. Bring the recyclables at the Trash To Cashback booth in Times Square Food Park. Make sure to properly separate the recyclables per waste type.

Here are some reminders for hustle-free trading:

  1. Make sure that plastic recyclables are washed and dry with no food residue. Caps and labels must be removed and paced in separate bags.
  2. Recyclables will be counted and weighed at the Trash To Cashback booth in Times Square Food Park. Make sure to place these in a plastic bag with a minimum  of 1kg per waste type.
  3. With the bXTRA account one can view their EP/ Cashback balance, find nearby stores for conversion, check your transaction history and more!
  4. EP / Cahsback can be used to redeem grocery essentials through TTCB Mart, pay utility bills through Bayad Centers, and redeem products and services online or in-store.

For more information on the Trash to Cashback program you can contact BEST via Gmail at [email protected], follow them on Facebook @BESTMyBasurero and on Instagram @mybasurero.

For updates and announcements follow the official social media accounts of Araneta City.