Do you remember that exhilarating feeling in a live entertainment event? That overwhelmingly good energy of being surrounded by the same people who share the same interests as you? No wonder why fans really spend their time and money to have this experience!

This August 19, enjoy as Yugyeom of GOT7 invades the New Frontier Theater for a special one-night-only event! So for the Ahgases and Dandelions, here are tips and tricks to ensure you’ll enjoy the best Araneta concert experience.

  • Come prepared.

We’re not kidding! Adding all the hours you spend before, during, and after a concert, it’s really important that you’re prepared. Get a good night’s rest, make sure to hydrate, and most importantly, grab a bite! Don’t worry, we’re as prepared as you! Here’s a list of restaurants for you to check out!

  • Thank you, fans!

We’re really grateful for you, but we’re also grateful for this mini fan! From lining up for tickets to lining up at the event entrance, the mini fans are definitely a must in your bags!

DIY Hardware, LGF, Farmers Plaza

  • Battery check?

Are you the type of fan who loves to capture every moment? If you are, make sure your phone’s fully-charged! So, even when the night comes, you won’t be afraid that your phone might die on you. You can drop by at Miniso, Gateway Mall and get yourself a power bank before the big day!

Miniso, Gateway Mall
  • Lightsticks ready?

While we’re at it, make sure your lightsticks have the best battery! Best thing is to pack extra batteries just in case. You can buy batteries at Miniso, Gateway Mall.

Miniso, Gateway Mall
  • All About U

Lastly, the ultimate tip is to enjoy the whole night with Yugyeom and your co-stans! Make every moment count. See you around!