Which type of supporter are you?

A new season is here! Whether you’re a student or not, UAAP is definitely one of the most-anticipated collegiate games of the year! The reverberating cheers of supporters really put everyone in a competitive but friendly mood. 

Of course, there are always supporters who stand out among the crowd. So, which one are you?  

1. The loud and proud:

Like, literally! You’re the type of supporter who has memorized almost all of the school cheers. You never fail to give your fellow audience a boost of your infectious energy and good vibes!  

DLSU supporters during UAAP Season 80 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.
ADMU supporters during UAAP Season 80 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

2. The OOTD on point: 

You’re the supporter who goes the extra mile and wears your team’s colors from head to toe—even with matching bag and tumbler! That’s the school spirit!   

Still thinking of your OOTD? Here are some stores at the #CityOfFirsts you might want to check out:  

H&M located at Level 1 & 2 of Gateway Mall, Araneta City.
H&M, Level 1 & 2 of Gateway Mall
Uniqlo located at Level 2 of Gateway Mall, Araneta City.
Uniqlo, Level 2 of Gateway Mall

3. The acrobat supporter: 

No, you’re not part of the playing team. But you have some stunts of your own as you take acads or work wherever you go! Multi-tasking at its finest and making sure no deadlines will be missed. 

Thinking of studying/working before or after the game? We got coffee shops and other restaurants near the Big Dome ready to serve you: 

Starbucks Coffee at Smart Araneta Coliseum, Araneta City
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Gateway Mall.

4. The content creator: 

For you, every moment counts– and needs to be captured! You’re the type of supporter who loves making content. No judgment there because we appreciate all the content you make, especially when you feature Araneta City.  

Just make sure your phone’s ready, though. We have power banks for you:  

Power bank from Miniso, Gateway Mall.
Miniso, UGF of Gateway Mall

If you see yourself anywhere on the list, thank you for making every game extra special! For sure, your presence is an added energy boost for the competing teams. Truly, nothing beats the school spirit at the Big Dome. Check out the schedule this October at the Araneta Coliseum.