LIST: Puto bumbong, bibingka in Araneta City

Are you craving for puto bumbong and bibingka this Christmas time? 

The cool December vibe provides the perfect mood to taste again theses holiday delicacies. So on your next Araneta City visit, check out these spots and feast on these seasonal treats. 


In case you drop by Araneta City’s al fresco spots for a food trip, don’t miss these food stalls to experience the classic puto bumbong and bibingka we all love:

Times Square Park

Parolan (across Farmers Garden) 


Or if you want to be a bit exploratory with your dining experience, here are some that you may try:

Max’s Restaurant 

(Coliseum Circle, Ali Mall Ground Floor, Farmers Plaza Level 2)

At Max’s, they don’t just simply offer the traditional Christmas food — then even reinvented them! Enjoy your favorite Yuletide comfort food in a new cheesecake form but in a familiar traditional taste.

Pancake House

(Gateway Mall Level 2, Ali Mall Upper Ground Floor)

Bibingka for breakfast, you say? Then why not have it in pancake form! This flatter version is sure to give you a unique appreciation of this classic Christmas food. 

If you find these pancakes too much for your appetite, then grab this delicacy in an easy-to-eat bitesize. Bring them anywhere and eat them at your most convenient time.

Whether you want your puto bumbong or bibingka plain or refined, you are sure to enjoying eating them (alone or with your loved ones) at Araneta City. Enjoy dining!