Lucky fruits to attract good luck this Chinese New Year

Everybody wishes for good fortune every New Year. And in every culture, people observe different practices just to attract luck on their side.

In Eastern culture, preparing fruits is a significant part of the Chinese New Year feast. Each fruit has a special meaning. So grab these ‘lucky’ fruits at the Farmers Market in Araneta City for a good year ahead.

ORANGES AND TANGERINESFor good luck and happiness

Chinese people are attracted to golden color of oranges and tangerines as it is said to bring in happiness, prosperity, and good luck in making money. Adding to this is the round shape of the fruits, which is an auspicious symbol of togetherness and harmony. 

POMELOSFor family unity

In Chinese, pomelo sounds similar to the English word “protect”. That’s why having this fruit at home is said to bond every member of the household in good fortune.

APPLES For harmony, peace, and safety

Apple is a homophone for the Chinese word “ping”, meaning peace or tranquility. Boxes of this fruit is being handed as a gift to relatives and friends during Chinese New Year as a way of wishing them good luck and wealth for the coming year.

GRAPESFor wealth, fortune, and abundance

We often picture grapes as a fruit being served by Egyptian or Greek servants to their masters. With it being a ‘luxury’ fruit, it has become a symbol of wealth, fortune, fertility, and prosperity.


It is the fruit that has many ‘eyes’, as most people say. It ‘sees’ good fortune to come, so Chinese people associate pineapples with anticipating wealth and good luck. Also, in Hokkien, pineapple is “ong lai” which means ‘good fortune will come’.


Are you often bothered by the seeds in watermelon when you eat this watery fruit? For Chinese, this is actually a positive thing. Because it contains many seeds, watermelon is considered a symbol of fecundity and a source of wealth.

Get all these fruits at Araneta City’s Farmers Market, the largest fresh produce market in Metro Manila and the only fresh market within a shopping complex. It is open daily from 4am to 9pm.

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