Must-try coffee shops in Araneta City

Coffee is something that most people look forward to every day. For some, it is an essential part of their daily routine. And for others, it’s something that satisfies their cravings.

Here in Araneta City, you can explore different types of coffee. Whether you are looking for a particular flavor or willing to explore a variety of drinks, there are various coffee shops that will certainly leave you in awe. 

  • But First, Coffee 

Planning to see any concert soon at the New Frontier Theater? Don’t forget to drop by But First, Coffee! 

BFC is known for its drip-based and espresso-based coffee. Its drip-based coffee (specifically “Vietnamese”) will surely leave you drooling with its special condense milk and Barako beans ingredients. Also, its espresso-based coffee (“Spanish Latte”) will give you a rich vibe with its premium Arabica beans content. 

(Photo from But First, Coffee’s FB Page)

Now with 29 branches nationwide, BFC became famous for its free delivery (with no minimum orders) promo! So if you are a coffee lover who wants to experience bliss in your household, this coffee is for you! 

  • Tim Hortons 

Looking for a type of coffee that you would surely remember? Worry not because Tim Hortons is here for you.

Try its signature double-double French vanilla for an experience you won’t forget. This signature Tim Hortons coffee is a mix of special French vanilla powder and less-caffeinated beans, creating a balance between vanilla and caffeine. It is topped with a special cream to give the best Tim Horton taste to customers. 

(Photo from Tim Horton’s FB Page)

Tim Hortons at the New Front Theater Arcade gives off that serene and inviting library vibe that makes you want to sit and smell the aroma of coffee. Tim Hortons is for you if you are a coffee lover who wants to experience something new!

  • Mary Grace Cafe

Are you missing a loved one? Casually waiting for someone? Joining a reunion? Mary Grace Cafe will never leave you hanging as it provides the best comfort food and coffee to keep any conversation going. 

Its famous americano, cappuccino, and black coffee go best with its signature ensaymada and cheese roll. You’ll definitely feel like you are eating in an expensive restaurant, complete with the elegant offers and ambiance inside the eatery. 

(Photo from Mary Grace Cafe’s FB Page)

Mary Grace Cafe is located at the Gateway Link. If you are not on a tight budget and want to feel the time passing as you munch on its delicious pastries and satisfying coffee, this is the place to be in.

  • Dunkin Donuts 

Did you ever wonder where the cheapest iced coffee around Araneta City is? Satisfy your coffee cravings in the most affordable way possible with the rich taste of Dunkin Donut’s strong and delicious iced coffee for only Php 80!

Do you prefer your iced coffee with or without sugar? With or without milk? Whatever your preference is, Dunkin Donuts will give you the liberty to choose how you like your iced coffee prepared. Don’t forget to partner your sip with a delicious donut!

(Photo from Dunkin Donut’s FB Page)

You won’t miss Dunkin Donuts as there are many branches here in Araneta City. There’s one at the Aurora Blvd side of Gateway Mall, on the Lower Ground Floor of Farmers Plaza, and on the Ground Floor of Ali Mall. 

  • Café Adriatico 

Looking for a place fancy enough for meetings? Wanting to get rid of that aftertaste after a meal? Café Adriatico is one place you can consider a go-to option.

Since 1979, this place has been innovating products and providing excellent service to its customers. Don’t forget to try their signature coffee americano, cappuccino, and lattes, which will surely take you back in time. 

(Photo from Cafe Adriatico’s FB Page)

Café Adriatico is waiting for you on the Ground Floor of Gateway Mall.

  • Starbucks Coffee 

“It’s Starbucks. Nothing can go wrong.” It was never about selling coffee to customers, but rather about providing the best customer experience. After all, everything feels so good when you visit and buy from them. 

Not to mention, they have one of the best caramel macchiato, a best-seller that is fused with delicious steamed milk and mouth-watering vanilla-flavored syrup, and topped with caramel drizzle for that delightful experience. 

(Photo from Starbucks FB Page)

Starbucks Coffee is both a relaxing place and an intangible experience that is ready to welcome different people. Don’t forget to visit Starbucks Coffee here in Araneta City. We have many multiple branches here, but all will give you the same exceptional vibe.

  • Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf 

“A place for everyone.” Coffee Bean Tea & Leaf has a serene atmosphere with its neutral colors and aesthetic design. It is a delightful place for all ages. Teenagers can enjoy a sweet and hot cup of caramel macchiato, while seniors can indulge in a satisfying cup of cappuccino.

(Photo from Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf Philippine’s FB Page)

Indeed, their flavors are perfected over time and continuously improving to cater to customers. Coffee Tea Bean & Leaf is located on the Ground Floor of Gateway Mall.