Destress and recharge at these Araneta City spots

Giving your best at everything you do consumes a lot of energy and strength, So no matter how busy your day is, you should unwind and de-stress for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. After all, you wouldn’t be your best self when you’re unmotivated and tired. 

Here in Araneta City, we have lots of wonderful places and enjoyable arcades that will surely put you on your best condition after a busy day. 

Instagrammable areas where you won’t notice the passing of time: 

  1. Ali X- Located at Upper Ground Floor of Ali Mall.

2. Topiary Park- Located at level 5 of Gateway Mall.

3. Gateway Gallery- Located at level 5 of Gateway Tower.

Sing the stress away, whether alone or with friends, in any of these places: 

  1. Paragon- Located at Manhattan Plaza
2. Red Cloud-  Located at Manhattan Parkview.

Challenge yourself to win prizes or simply have fun at these arcades:

  1. Timezone- Located at level 4 of Gateway Mall and Lower Ground Floor of Farmers Plaza.
2. GameDepot- Located at Lower Ground Floor of Ali Mall

So don’t worry about getting stressed. There’s always a way to fight it. Just drop by at the City of Firsts, enjoy, and remember that our health matters the most at the end of the day.