Genki Sushi arrives in Araneta City

The legendary sushi chain from the Land of the Rising Sun, GENKI SUSHI, has landed in Araneta City to usher in a new era of premium and modern Japanese dining experience within easy reach.

Genki Sushi opens its 13th store at the Upper Ground B Level of the New Gateway Mall 2. The new dining place in the City of Firsts has a minimalistic atmosphere inspired by Japanese culture, and has a seating capacity that can comfortably seat up to 120 persons.

Genki Sushi also brings in the latest technologies and innovations to make the dining adventure seamless and exciting for everyone. Shoppers and foodies at the City of Firsts can now experience Genki Sushi’s infamous Kousuko Express system. Diners can order directly from the store-provided tablet or QR code and wait for their food to roll on the two-train system through the mini-coaches.

With its seamless order integration, dining is a truly unique unconventional experience. Genki sushi offers a simple Japanese dining experience, with classic dishes from Nigiri, Temaki, Gunkan, Sashimi, Makimono, and other iconic Japanese food.

Food adventures in Araneta City are elevated with the striking scenery from the Quantum Skyview in New Gateway Mall 2. Spanning 700 square meters, the trailblazing Quantum Skyview boasts a remarkable indoor ceiling mesh LED screen with a customized wave shape. Positioned above the mall’s Upper Ground B — the largest activity area in any Araneta City mall — Quantum Skyview presents visitors with an innovative visual spectacle through a pioneering LED-powered ceiling.

Visit Genki Sushi at the Upper Ground B, Quantum Skyview of the New Gateway Mall 2. Itadakimasu!