Savor guilt-free dining at Salad Stop in Araneta City

Being committed to fasting during holy days might be challenging but give yourself a break by looking at abstinence from a different perspective. Thrive in fasting by still having something for yourself in moderation, without indulgence, deprivation, and neglect.

Make it possible in Araneta City with offerings from Salad Stop, the newly opened store in Coliseum Plaza at the New Gateway Mall 2. Salad Stop offers the lifestyle of eating wide awake, a campaign to eat responsibly through their guilt-free signature salad bowls.

Salad Stop helps one get informed on the contents of each bowl of salad. Their healthy bowls are tagged with corresponding nutritional information and calorie count to help one monitor food intake.

Choose between Signature bowls and warm protein bowls. Also, customize the content of your salad bowls to your liking.

Avail of their “Bring your own” promo, where one can get P10 OFF on salad or warm protein bowl orders by bringing and using personal bowls. One can also get 20% off upon availing and using Salad Stop’s collapsible bowls.  Through this, one can get discounts and can also help Salad Stop reduce single-use container waste. Take small steps with a big impact.

Salad Stop also offers a subscription plan for one’s daily bowl of salad available for direct delivery. Visit the Salad Stop store to curate your own meal plan.

The Salad Stop in Araneta City is cozy with a vibrant atmosphere from the Coliseum Plaza. Upon entering the store, one will be greeted with a salad bar to help choose their bowl.  There is also a Grab and Go chiller where one can avail of yogurt cups, overnight oats, healthy drinks, and vegan cookies.

The indoor seating of the store has a seating capacity of 24 pax and its al fresco area can accommodate 16 pax. The store is also designed with a mural wall painted by Bando Arts, featuring the healthy cycle of Salad Stop’s operations from partnering with local farms for farm-to-table healthy produce to the brand’s responsibility towards its employees, customers and the environment.    

Check out Salad Stop at the New Gateway Mall 2 now!