#MindYourMind: Express yourself in Araneta City

Mental health is very important because it affects how we think, feel, and act. But with the diverse social problems we have to face daily, our mental well-being is constantly at risk.

In a virtual forum hosted by Araneta City during World Mental Health Day last October 10, Dr. Gia Sison said that self-expression opens up opportunities for communication that help improve mental health. “We start with self-awareness, we identify our needs, and then we have to learn somewhere, somehow to express them. The more we suppress our emotions, it will catch up double. So, it actually helps improve mental health if we learn how to open up more. . . It helps when you express yourself and how you feel,” she said.

At Araneta City, there is a wide variety of outlets that will help you express yourself freely. We’ve listed down below the safe spaces where you can freely express yourself, spend time with family and friends, and make meaningful conversations with others.


  • Reading Corner

If you’re in need of a quiet space to read, you can sit freely in Araneta City’s reading corner located at L2, Gateway Tower.

You can rummage through a variety of pre-loved books or you can even donate books at Gateway Mall Concierge to provide a wider array of reads at the Reading Corner.

  • Book Stores

Find a new world to dig in from a number of bookstores in Araneta City:

  1. Book Sale – located in Ground Floor Shopwise Arcade across New Frontier Theater and in LGF Farmers Plaza.
  2. Fully Booked – located in 2nd Level Gateway Mall
  3. National Bookstore –  located along Gen. Roxas Ave, Ground Floor Ali Mall, and Upper Ground Floor Farmers Plaza


  • The Addlib Dance Studio (TADS)

Express yourself through dance and movement in a variety of classes from The Addlib Dance Studio.

TADS is known as the rainbow home – the most vibrant and dynamic dance, fitness, and events hub at the City of Firsts. It is a  safe space to express your emotions through dance, ingenuity as well as fluidity.

Save Php 50 when you enroll in a dance class via https://www.tadsph.com/. Check out more details by visiting them at the 2nd Floor of New Frontier Theater.  

  • Music Stores

Check out these music stores in Araneta City to help you feel the beat and express yourself through music:

  1. One World Music and Sports Inc. – located at Ground Floor Shopwise Arcade across New Frontier Theater.
  2. JB Music – located on Ground Floor Shopwise Arcade across SM Araneta City.
  3. Lazer Music – located on 2nd floor of Ali Mall.
  4. Salonga Music – located on 2nd floor of Ali Mall.
  5. Happy Music – located at Ali X, Ali Mall.
  6. In Tune Pro Music Center – located on 2nd Floor of Ali Mall.


  • Ali X in Ali Mall

Ali X is a vibrant alley in Ali Mall where iconic shops are housed. Discover vintage records in Treskul Vinyl Records Shop, or unique collector’s items from Remnants Vinyl and Vintage Collection Shop. You may also want to complete your stash of challenging board games and trading card games that can be bought from Neutral Grounds.

  • Video game stores

Live your Isekai life! Discover new worlds to conquer and challenges to beat in a vast selection of popular video games that you can buy from:

  1. DataBlitz – L3 Gateway Tower
  2. Gameline– L3 Gateway Tower


  • Araneta Fiesta Park

An outdoor fun destination, Araneta City in partnership with S&T Leisure Worldwide, has transformed the well-loved Times Square Park into an amusement park filled with rides, games, and other attractions that will bring fun to every family or barkada.

Kids and kids at heart are in for a treat with Araneta Fiesta Park the latest outdoor attraction at the City of Firsts.

  • Arcade attractions

Immerse yourself in a variety of challenging arcade games and attractions in Araneta City.

  1. Timezone – Level 4 Gateway Mall; LGF Farmers Plaza
  2. Game depot – LGF Ali Mall
  3. Fun City – LGF Ali Mall
  4. Kids Kingdom Play Zone – L3, Farmers Plaza Bazaar
  5. Go Karts – L3, Farmers Plaza Bazaar
  6. Bingo Bonanza – L3, Farmers Plaza Bazaar


  • NFT the 2nd

Recreate bonds with your friends and hangout in an alfresco setup at the NFT the 2nd . Located at the 2nd floor of the New Frontier Theater, NFT the 2nd offers a refreshing ambiance after a morning run where you can sip a coffee, a cozy afternoon break to munch on finger foods and gulp a milk tea, or have an evening party to plunge in cocktails after a concert.

NFT the 2nd is home to:

  1. But First Coffee >
  2. Tea Straw
  3. Ounce Manila
  • The Oasis

Experience a tranquil and cozy ambiance as you dine in with your friends and family at The Oasis, a fully air-conditioned, open-air garden located at the heart of Gateway Mall.

 The Oasis serves as an alfresco dining space for Mary Grace Café, Sachi, SumoSam, Pho Hoa, Burgoo and Gloria Maris. It can be booked for private functions as well.

  • Novotel Manila Araneta City

Enjoy delicious cuisine and drinks at Novotel Manila Araneta City family-friendly restaurants and stylish bars. Treat yourself to three hours of complimentary parking when you dine in their restaurants, so take your time.

  1. Food Exchange Manila – A culinary theater of colors and a vibrant setting await you for breakfast, lunch, dinner – and anytime in between – at the Food Exchange.
  2. Gourmet Bar by Novotel – Both a relaxing lounge and a laid-back restaurant, the perfect spot for impromptu meetings and casual get-togethers
  3. The 6th Manila – For lazy days basking by the pool or hot nights dancing to the DJ’s beat, the 6th Manila is the place to be in Manila’s vibrant Quezon City area.
  4. Indulge Gelato – Grab a cone of Novotel Manila’s homemade gelato made from natural ingredients and with no preservatives, take a break and indulge in your choice of gelato that suits your taste.