Catch Araneta City’s motivational wall for World Mental Health Day

Araneta City opens to the public a Motivational Wall to raise awareness on Mental Health on October 10, 2022, in support of World Mental Health Day.

The motivational wall serves as a safe space for passersby to express their emotions and write inspiring messages to others. The wall contains a free canvas where people can freely write their thoughts, and draw emotions and ideas.

The wall also features art pieces from Tarik Garcia, a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate from the University of the Philippines, Diliman who expresses her creativity through upcycling — making art pieces through materials like paper, magazines, brochures, flyers, bus tickets, and old stamps. Diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, she turned to upcycling as her therapeutic outlet to recognize the vividness of life.

She finds symbolism in nature to narrate milestones in her life. Here are some of her artworks that mirror significant memories and emotions that she experienced.

“Earth” (2018) to depict burying toxicity in her workplace
“Waves” (2019), which shows her love of water despite being traumatized by Typhoon Ondoy,
“Wind” (2019), which portrays a memorable time with her true love in a windy place,

Art has been an instrument for Garcia to overcome her psychosocial battles. This made her ready to face the challenges of the COVID pandemic. She even became the source of strength for her family and friends who went into depression and anxiety during this period.

“It is important to know yourself first to love yourself fully. Find balance in the things that you do. It is in your own hands to picture your success. You always have a choice to do and be better, to move forward and rise against adversities,” she said.

See more of Garcia’s artworks at the Araneta City Motivational Wall in Gateway Mall Activity Area. Visit the installation during mall hours from October 10 to 15.