Araneta City Becomes Your City of Chocolate!

As we celebrate our love for all types of chocolate this Chocolate Day, Araneta City reminds us that there’s no need for a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory as plenty of diverse and unique chocolate flavored treats are awaiting you here at the City of Firsts! Something sweet within your reach, from every street and corner, Araneta City is slowly but surely turning into our City of Chocolate!

Taco Bell’s Chocodilla

What’s more delicious to pair with sweets other than savory ingredients? With Taco Bell’s Chocodilla, the salty tortilla perfectly complements its chocolate filling. This unique mix shows some similarities with the good old s’mores, combining marshmallows and chocolate together, being sandwiched by a biscuit, but in this case, Chocodilla uses a soft tortilla heated to perfection.

Get this sweet and savory treat at Taco Bell, Upper Ground A of Gateway Mall 2.

Pizza Hut’s Sweet Melts KitKat

In relation to combining sweet and savory flavors, Pizza Hut offers a different take on this concept with their Sweet Melts KitKat which oozes not only chocolate, but also mozzarella cheese! Who would’ve thought that mozzarella cheese could be great with chocolate? I mean, everything does go with chocolate! There’s no doubt in that, and it’s clear with Pizza Hut just proving this statement right as they make it great.

Grab a bite of the KitKat chunks in this good deal at Pizza Hut, Upper Ground A of Gateway Mall 2.

Bonchon’s Choco Bingsu

How else could chocolate be enjoyed? Korea could surely give us some tips with Bonchon’s tasty Choco Bingsu, topped with chocolate covered peanuts. That’s not all, generous amounts of chocolate brownies are mixed in this milky snow ice, drizzled with luscious chocolate. This truly shows that there’s no need to travel far as we really might say mashit-da! (or delicious in Korean) with this cold and chocolatey mix.

Don’t miss out on this mashit-da bingsu at Bonchon, Ground Floor of Manhattan Parkview.

Tindeli’s Tsokolate Eh

Speaking of traveling, the Tsokolate Eh from Tindeli has come straight from Bohol, the province renowned for its Chocolate Hills, to be served here at the City of Firsts. This hot chocolate drink is made from local cocoa beans that’s internationally recognized from Dalareich Chocolate House, truly assuring the quality of the chocolate used in Tsokolate Eh.

Look no further and taste the rich chocolate flavor from Bohol only here at Tindeli, Palenque at Upper Ground B of Gateway Mall 2.

UCC Park Café’s Chocolate Ganache

Now, we’ve talked about pairing chocolate with savory tortillas and cheese, but wouldn’t it be better to pair chocolate with.. even more chocolate? If you’re one who likes it all sweet, then UCC Park Café’s Chocolate Ganache is the perfect chocolate dessert for you! But no worries, it could still be customized to your liking depending on the ratio of chocolate to cream, saying it could be thick and fudgy or thin and glossy. Be it your filling, topping, or frosting of your chocolate cake. Regardless, this versatile chocolate mixture puts us on a different level with our chocolate game.

Indulge in this all-chocolate goodness at UCC Park Café, Ground Floor of Gateway Mall 2.

Whether you’re looking for a sweet and savory dish, a good quality drink rich with chocolate, or a double to triple chocolate dessert, the best type of chocolate for you could be found only here at the City of Firsts! So get up on your feet and head onto Araneta City where Chocolate Day is celebrated every day!