Authentic Chinese cuisines in Araneta City

Are you looking forward to eating authentic and delicious Chinese food to mark the Lunar New Year?

To help you locate and choose your food destination, we have listed down below some kiosks and restaurants in Araneta City where you can get some good servings of sumptuous Chinese dishes.

Souper Hot Pot Ma La Tang Ramen Noodle Soup

Souper Hot gives Filipinos a taste of a traditional Chinese malatang, an iconic spicy hot soup that used to warm people at the banks of Yangtze River. 

Savor the infamous Malatang soup that fits your lifestyle with Souper Hot Ma La Tang. Make your own hot pot from a diverse selection of fresh and raw ingredients, spices, and seasonings.. Yes, you can add anything you want from their cupboards, eat only what you want, and dive to your liking.

Souper Hot Ma La Tang is located in Shopwise Arcade just across the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Hen Lin

Fondness for Chinese cuisine was instrumental in Hen Lin’s birth. Back in the 70s, when one can have a sumptuously filling meal of siopao and mami for only P1.00, the owners saw Chinese cuisine as a lucrative business.

Hen Lin serves the best staple Chinese meals in Araneta City, with a selection of hot soups and yangchow meals. This kiosk serves to fill your appetite in an affordable yet exquisite way.

Visit Hen Lin at the center of Food Express in L3, Gateway Mall.

Eng Bee Tin

Home of the best hopia, tikoy and mooncakes, Eng Bee Tin is the go-to store for world-class oriental dishes.

Eng Bee tin is well-known for its traditional Chinese delicacies that has been a trademark “pasalubong” and “merienda” for Filipinos. It is the pioneer of the innovations in Hopia, introducing favorites such as Hopia Ube, Hopia Combi (2 in 1 flavor), Mochipia (Hopia with Tikoy filling), Hopia Custard and vast variants of Hopia.

Visit Eng Bee Tin in L3 Gateway Mall.

Hap Chan

The leading authentic Hong Kong Chinese restaurant in the country, Hap Chan has always been committed to offering authentic Hong Kong tea house cuisine and dining experience at an affordable price in a modern and contemporary Chinese ambiance.

The mind behind Hap Chan is a chef for the last 30 years, Kwok Man Wah and his team of Hong Kong cooks who continue to study and improve their craft. All of them continue to develop dishes and their methods to ensure Hap Chan Tea House remains at the forefront of delighting customers. 

Hap Chan is located in Ground Floor, Ali Mall.

Shandong Sarap

The country’s first authentic Northern Chinese fast food is now in Araneta City! Sahandong Sarap gives you the best dishes from Shandong, China.

Shandong cuisine is one of the eight great traditions of Chinese cuisine. It is known for its breads and fish dishes. It can be more finely divided into inland Shandong cuisine (e.g. Jinan cuisine); the seafood-centered Jiaodong cuisine in the peninsula; and Confucius’s Mansion cuisine, an elaborate tradition originally intended for imperial and other important feasts.

Look for Shandong Sarap in Food Gallery, Ali Mall.

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