Going back to HERstory

The rave about Darna’s comeback on television got us tracing back our roots and going back to HERstory. This National Heroes Day, it is but timely that we honor our real-life superheroes, the noble Filipino heroines who broke barriers and fought bravely for the freedom that we are enjoying today.

  • Gabriela Silang

Gabriela Silang, an Ilocana warrior who took over the role of her husband as commander of rebel troops. She is “the first Filipina to lead an uprising against a foreign power.”

Photo from Gateway Gallery’s Facebook Page.
  • Tandang Sora

Melchora Aquino, most commonly known as Tandang Sora, earned the title of the “Mother of Revolution” after risking her life nursing the brave Katipuneros during the revolution against the Spaniards in 1896.

Photo from Gateway Gallery’s Facebook Page.
  • Teresa Magbanua

Teresa Magbuana, aka the Visayan Joan of Arc, joined the Katipunan’s women’s chapter in Panay as an experienced horse rider and marksman. She is the first and only woman to lead troops in the Visayas during the revolution.

Photo from Gateway Gallery’s Facebook Page.
  • Trinidad Tecson

Trinidad Tecson, also known as the “Mother of Biak na Bato,” joined the Katipunan at the age of 47. She earned the title after guarding the entry of the fort of Biak na Bato together with her husband. She was also the first-ever Filipina to undergo the ‘sandugo.’

Photo from Manila Bulletin
  • Josefa Llanes Escoda

Josefa Llanes Escoda founded the Girl Scouts of the Philippines, and is one of the two women who appears in the Philippine peso notes. She was a social worker and an advocate of women’s suffrage.

  • Magdalena Leones

Magdalena Leones was a Filipino spy during World War II and the only Asian woman to have been awarded the Silver Star in World War II by the United Sates.

Photo from NBC News

These stories show that Filipino women have been breaking glass ceilings and gender roles ever since. While we only listed six names, there are more Filipina who selflessly fought four our sovereignty. Remember their names and their contribution to our history. Mabuhay ang ating mga bayani at mabuhay mga Pilipina na patuloy lumalaban!

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Happy National Heroes Day!